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The Hitachi Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC) in partnership with the California Science Center (CSC), hosted close to 150 children, parents and teachers at the ninth annual “Hitachi Celebrates Science Day” held at the CSC. The theme of the event was “Spooky Science” and featured experiments which signified Halloween which was only a week after the event. Each of the attendees, whose grade levels ranged from 4th to high school, played with slime, made UV flashlights and played brain games featuring a real brain. Scary..


“Hitachi Celebrates Science Day” was created to confront the challenge schools in all our communities face, underfunded, inadequate, one dimensional science education. By sponsoring Science Day, Hitachi is bringing science to youth which may live in at risk and underfunded educational communities and may be at higher risk of gang involvement, criminal activity, alcohol, tobacco and drug use. The hope is to raise interest in these young people to pursue a career in the STEM field.

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