Industrial Digitalization for Everyone in Manufacturing Industrial Digitalization for Everyone in Manufacturing

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Industrial Digitalization for Everyone in Manufacturing

It may come across as a bit of a surprise to hear an industrial manufacturing and digitalization giant say every manufacturing organization should not immediately jump onto the “Digital Transformation” bandwagon. Much too often, we have seen situations where even the best-intentioned digital transformation exercises fail to realize value because of a simple reason: not getting critical stakeholder buy-in and participation from those whose work is affected the most.

In this discussion, Hitachi lays out the case for making sure that those in an organization that are often affected the most by digital transformation are not the last to be included and consulted, especially the operators and workers on industrial manufacturing shop floors. Using use cases and customer examples, and in conjunction with our partners and experts from manufacturing industries, we will discuss how good, inclusive planning along with the carefully staged release of the right digital tools can get consensus across multiple departments to maximize the chances for a successful industrial digitalization strategy — whether that be now or in the future.

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