The New Frontier for Utilities: Lumada Inspection Insights The New Frontier for Utilities: Lumada Inspection Insights

About This Virtual Event

The New Frontier for Utilities: Lumada Inspection Insights

Critical infrastructure is everywhere, but deteriorating resiliency and reliability are leaving the energy industry increasingly vulnerable. Power grid equipment faces many established risks, and as the impacts of climate change and aging infrastructure worsen, new challenges continue to arise. Facilities and operations teams struggle to analyze, maintain, safeguard, and futureproof assets with solutions and processes that can no longer keep up with demand.

Lumada Inspection Insights is the new frontier for utilities to turn data into action. Enabled by video, image and satellite-based insights, businesses can now easily identify, understand, detect, and diagnose defects in assets as well as capture the risks surrounding them from multiple sources at any scale through one centralized source. Intelligent vision analytics applications provide utilities the insights to strengthen infrastructure resilience, improve public safety, and increase sustainable outcomes. Join industry experts to explore the future of utility management and monitoring.

At this event, discover:

  • What major challenges are facing utilities today
  • Why image-based applications are one of the greatest AI-based opportunities to drive business results
  • Real examples of the types of technologies that will empower businesses to improve inspecting, monitoring, and securing critical infrastructure
  • Why insights and planning are critical to long-term resilience
  • How utilities can turn insights into action and improve business operations and sustainability outcomes

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