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In the midst of the United States' transition towards carbon neutrality, driven by the adoption of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and a growing demand for greener resources, the electric power grid is facing unforeseen challenges. Hitachi presented a segment in which Dr. Bo Yang from Hitachi America, Ltd. R&D, Rajesh Devnani from Hitachi Vantara, and Patricia Hoffman, Principal Deputy Director of the Grid Deployment Office at the US Department of Energy, joined Washington Post Live for a discussion. The focus was on the essential role of digital solutions in supporting the energy industry, which is being rapidly reshaped by factors like digitalization, electrification, and the rise of prosumers and self-generating communities.

During the panel, the participants addressed the challenges and potential solutions in transitioning the United States to carbon neutrality. They highlighted the importance of digital solutions in addressing grid issues, integrating renewable resources into the existing infrastructure, and meeting the increasing demand for greener energy. Dr. Yang and Mr. Devnani emphasized Hitachi's commitment to sustainability and the efforts to align our digital and green portfolio with net-zero goals. Hitachi aims to combat climate change through internal operations and external initiatives, with a target of achieving net-zero emissions in various operations by 2030 and throughout the extended value chain by 2050. The discussion further emphasized the significance of digital solutions, policy initiatives, and public-private collaboration in the journey towards carbon neutrality. The experts stressed the need for increased financing, access to critical minerals, and investments in the electric grid to facilitate the integration of renewable resources. The industry stakeholders' willingness to collaborate indicates a growing momentum towards a sustainable and resilient future.

As the presenting sponsor for the hybrid event at the Washington Post HQ in Washington, DC, Hitachi utilized the opportunity to expand our energy-related digital and green business, highlight decarbonization efforts, and enhance brand presence in North America. In addition, Dr. Yang and Mr. Devnani engaged in further discussions related to public and private partnerships in energy innovation and the grid's impact from the electrification of transportation during two post-event roundtable discussions.

The event audience comprised key members from the private sector, government, and academia.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023