Rethink: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

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No matter where you are on the digital manufacturing journey, Rethink is a must-attend event to learn aspirational best practices, discover real-world case studies, and network with other leaders who are guiding the way to Manufacturing 4.0.

Rethink examines today’s digital factory as it intersects with technology, organizations, and leadership. Come away with a better understanding of the smart factory and what’s needed to compete, succeed, and thrive in the connected future.

Creating Cross-Functional, Digital-Driven Manufacturing

Mike Lashbrook, Vice President Digital Solutions and Senior Vice President, M&A Connected Industry, JR Automation, a Hitachi Group Company
In conversation with: Jeff Puma, Content Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council

When challenges were handled in analog with pen, paper, and perhaps a Kaizen, team leaders and operators were involved in the decision-making. As digitalization and data have risen to prominence, decisions have been taken out of the operators’ hands and centralized with data gatekeepers in some organizations. At risk is the firsthand knowledge that operators and frontline leaders brought into the equation. In this session, we’ll discuss how to create a culture and process that decentralizes data-driven decision-making and what benefits this can bring to an organization.

Digital Leadership Academy: Skills for Manufacturing Leaders

- Diane Guganig, Manufacturing Technology Executive, Hitachi Vantara
- Patricia Hume, Chief Executive Officer, Canvas GFX
- Brian Legan, Americas Industrial Products Sector Leader, EY
- Moderator: Jeff Puma, Content Director, Manufacturing Leadership Council

Leading in a digital age takes specific skills and knowledge. Sure, digital leaders still need to be strategic and understand current and future technologies, but change management, communication, employee empowerment, and trust-building all play an increased role. This Think Tank will help leaders understand how to become digital leaders who are adept at employing technology and these skills to drive desired business outcomes.