Transportation for All

Transportation For All

Electric vehicles and high-speed rail are regarded as critical facets of the future of transportation in the United States. On June 7, Washington Post Live convenes industry leaders and government officials to discuss the progress made and the potential that remains to expedite a transition to more affordable, environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Mobility is key to providing a better quality of life for Americans while solving complex and urgent challenges like climate change, sustainability and urbanization. We know that transportation contributes about 29% of U.S. carbon emissions, and Hitachi is focused on providing innovative transportation solutions across the country, including road and rail.

The U.S. has the largest freight rail system in the world, and rail passenger services are essential in many areas across the country, particularly in dense population centers such as New York and Chicago.

Hitachi’s Rail division delivers projects across America for passenger transit and freight operators – increasing the range of services and making existing systems safer, greener, and more reliable. In addition to upgrading the physical infrastructure of U.S. railroads, Hitachi is also focused on enhancing and integrating digital systems to maximize the benefits of innovative technology to continue to improve rail’s efficiency and value for customers.

Join Hicham Abdessamad, Chairman & CEO, Hitachi America, Ltd. and Andrew Barr, Group CEO, Hitachi Rail in the discussion.

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