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GazoPa Bloom, Flower Community Site, Begins Private Beta Testing

SAN FRANCISCO – March 23, 2010 – Hitachi America, Ltd., today announced that their newly developed flower community site, GazoPa Bloom, is entering private beta testing. GazoPa’s similar image search technology is integrated in this site, and users can search for flowers by uploading flower photos that are unfamiliar to them. Utilizing similar image search technology, users can find candidate flowers and can also ask other users to help them identify these flowers through an online community.

Users can gain access to the private beta testing by requesting invitations at Access information will be provided for accessing beta test site.

GazoPa Bloom is much more than just a flower search site, GazoPa Bloom allows users to share their knowledge of flowers as well as flower photos. Users can upload their flower photos and share them with other users, while also sharing their knowledge of flowers such as the best times and places to plant them and origin, etc. These features enable users to communicate with each other via flower photos.

GazoPa Bloom is the first application that uses GazoPa’s similar image search technology applied to a specific category of images. Hitachi plans to release future applications that utilize similar image search technology in the future.

For detailed information about GazoPa Bloom, please visit