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###### Hitachi offers total environmental solutions#######

BASKING RIDGE, NJ, March 28, 2012 – Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi America, Ltd., today announced that it has signed a license agreement with Solios Environnement Inc. to design and supply Enhanced All-Dry (EAD) Scrubber technology, jointly developed with Solios Environnement Inc, for the global electric utility market. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The EAD Scrubber technology is the original circulating semi-dry scrubber technology developed by Solios in the 1980s that has been widely applied in industrial sectors. It effectively removes SO2 as well as SO3, HCl, mercury and particulate matter from flue gas. Reactions occur in an entrained-flow, open vertical absorber which is preferred over more complex fluidized bed processes. By separating the reagent humidification and sulfur capture steps, this enhanced system is simple and reliable. Hitachi is applying the EAD Scrubber technology with a modular approach that allows unlimited scrubber capacity, virtually unlimited turndown, and enhanced system layout flexibility. EAD Scrubber technology has the additional advantages of low capital cost, low water consumption and dry byproducts, avoiding costly waste water treatment.

EAD Scrubber technology is expected to play an increasingly important role in multi-pollutant control for coal-fired power plants. The EAD Scrubber technology, together with Hitachi's licensed fabric filter technology, will help utilities meet the new Mercury and Air Toxics (MATS) rule and Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).

Bernard Cloutier, Managing Director of Solios Environnement, Inc. stated, “We are very pleased with this Agreement with Hitachi. The EAD technology has been applied successfully for the last 20 years on various industrial processes, including industrial boilers. This Agreement between Hitachi and Solios will allow further development of the EAD technology and its application in the large power generation market.”

Henry Bartoli, president and CEO of Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd. stated, “This technology is another great addition to Hitachi’s portfolio of emission control products and services. It allows us to offer complete power generation and pollution control systems with strong R&D to develop, integrate, and optimize performance and efficiency for power generation facilities.”