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Hitachi Power Tools Expands its Revolutionary Line of Diamond Grit Drill Bits - Ideal for Glass and Tile Applications

NORCROSS, GA., May 5, 2007 – Hitachi Power Tools today announced an expanded assortment of its revolutionary line of diamond grit drill bits ranging in size from ½” up to 1”. Designed to power through class 5 tile, marble, porcelain, granite, slate and glass quickly and cost effectively they significantly outperform the standard carbide glass and tile bits available on the market today, both in speed of drilling and the number of holes that can be drilled per bit. They offer cost efficiency and placement accuracy for serious DIYers and professionals who are performing residential and commercial applications.

First released exclusively by Hitachi in November of 2006, the initial round of diamond grit drill bits range in size from 3/16”, ¼”, 9/32”, 5/16” and 3/8” and have received overwhelming industry response recently receiving Editor Choice Awards from Tools of the Trade Magazine (May/June 2007) and El Neuvo Constructor (June 2007). Due to the favorable response and being the ultimate solution to tile and glass drilling challenges to date, Hitachi has grown the offering by four to include ½”, 5/8”, ¾” and 1” diamond grit drill bits to tackle even more applications.

The demand for granite, glass tile and hard Class 5 materials in bathrooms and kitchens is growing. Up to 30 holes can be required to install fixtures through these hard materials. The challenge with this trend is that the existing methods and accessories available to drill are too slow, not durable and not cost effective for drilling more than a few holes per bit.

Hitachi’s proven solution is the diamond grit drill bit series. These bits feature raised lips with diamond grit particles that are uniquely sintered in place using a patented process. This process allows the diamonds to adhere to the bit and not grind down as quickly as other sintering processes.

To use freehand, the user accurately positions the bit at an angle to pilot the hole. As the hole edge is defined, the user can slowly center it directly above and begin to drill down eliminating the risk of drill bit wander. As the bit drills down through material, the hollow barrel of the bit creates a core that helps guides the drill and keeps it on track with no chance of skating. This feature improves safety to the user, accuracy of the hole placement and protects the material from any damage from bit slippage. A convenient core removal ejection slot pushes the core material out from the bit ensuring hole after hole can be drilled without delay. Also, the drill does not have to be held perfectly perpendicular to the tile to avoid breakage.

The Hitachi diamond grit drill bit bodies are constructed of hardened and tempered thin wall alloy steel. They require water lubrication during use. This can be simply applied with a spray bottle- producing a small puddle of water that is spiral fed down the reverse flute threads on the bit to continuously supply water to the cutting edge, cooling the bit tip, and extending its life.

Additionally, if the hole is being drilled into a vertical surface, Hitachi offers a Drill Guide and Water Cooling System. This unique system can be found packaged along with a drill bit as well as sold separately. It is comprised of a drill bit guide for the different sizes and helps direct the bit into the exact spot for accurate placement of a hole. Four suction cups on the back attach the system to the tile or glass surface. The user selects the guide hole that is needed and moves a water reservoir cup to the closed position over the hole selected. The reservoir cup is filled with water. The guide is lined up with the hole mark and stuck to the surface. Once ready to drill, the user moves the reservoir to the ON position; places the drill into the guide and drills the required hole. A steady stream of water will flow to the bit. Once the hole is finished, simply move the reservoir back to the STOP position and remove from the wall.

With the growing trend towards harder tile materials for building, an effective solution is needed to get the job done faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively than has been currently available. Only Hitachi offers a solution that combines durability, speed and an unbelievably low cost per hole drilled to the market- available now at Lowe’s and through Independent Channel distribution. The diamond grit drill bits are easy to use, only water is needed, and they can be used with any cordless drill for flexibility and convenience. These bits are essential for the weekend warrior and the pro-user who does tiling all day for a living to make installing and finishing a kitchen or bath much simpler.

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