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TARRYTOWN, NY, May 14, 2008 – Hitachi America is proud to announce that its SJ200 & SJ300 series variable frequency inverters have been selected by Detroit Hoist to be incorporated in their standard hoist design on all models through 30 hp. The unique “Intelligent Sensorless Vector Control” recognized by Frost & Sullivan with their 2006 Excellence in Technology Award, provides optimal vector performance with minimal setup. It is ideally suited for high starting torque applications such as cranes and hoists. Hitachi drives will also be used on the bridge and trolleys.

This success at Detroit Hoist is the culmination of a long-term Hitachi strategy to break into this key North American growth market. Keys to securing this business were a thorough understanding of the application and market, and the development of application-specific accessories to allow a general purpose inverter to provide the mandatory functions of a crane and hoist drive. Hitachi partnered with Detroit Hoist during the entire process to prove out the product in the application. In addition, Detroit Hoist’s newest product line was designed from the beginning incorporating Hitachi inverters.

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