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Hitachi Power Tools Introduces the VPR Series- the Fastest Circular Saw Blade on the Market

NORCROSS, GA., May 15, 2007 – Hitachi Power Tools today announced two premium 7-1/4 framing blades as part of the new VPR series in Hitachi’s growing accessory program. These circular saw blades are two of the fastest on the market providing effortless cutting and superior performance. Faster cutting capability reduces strain on the tool and extends the life of the blade, saving time and money.

The VPR series features a patented proprietary hollow ground tooth design so each tooth acts like a scoop attributing to the extremely fast, yet smoother cleaner cut with less effort from the tool. The unique hollow ground tooth design also helps significantly extend the life of the blade as compared to current premium framing blades on the market today. Hitachi offers two versions of its 7-1/4” premium VPR circular saw blade to accommodate the user’s personal preference.

Hitachi’s first VPR framing blade in the series is item # 725213. This 7-1/4” 24-Tooth Premium Blade features an alternating tooth bevel (ATB) design for a fast clean cut. The 725213 VPR blade is laser cut from a flat plate of steel which provides for a flatter truer blade adding to its premium performance and feel. This blade is readily available now in Lowe’s and the Independent Channel.

Hitachi’s next VPR framing blade in the series is item # 725215. This 7-1/4” 24-Tooth Premium VPR Framing Blade offers a unique U-shape tooth design. This design gives each tooth two cutting points for a total of 48. The 24-teeth with 48 cutting points helps to reduce vibration. It is manufactured from stamped steel plate and is readily available now in the Independent Channel.

The VPR blade series appeals to contractors, framers and DIYers who require a high quality blade that allows them to get their job done quickly and delivers uncompromising performance.

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