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-- New Televisions Feature Sleek Aluminum and Glass Designs --

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - May 30, 2006 - The Ubiquitous Platform Systems Division of Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT),, today announced its 2006 plasma television line that combines original technologies and sophisticated designs. The new HDTVs feature 42- and 55-inch screen sizes, and exclusive technologies that produce razor sharp images and deep, rich colors. Hitachi’s 42-inch models introduce 1080 vertical lines of resolution to the 42-inch plasma screen size for the first time. This original Hitachi plasma technology creates a line for vertical line match with the dominant 1080i HDTV format. The 55-inch models use similar proprietary technologies that produce more active picture area and a brighter picture.

Hitachi’s 2006 UltraVision® models include industry leading connectivity with 3 HDMI and 3 Component inputs for compatibility with today’s digital sources. The company’s PictureMaster™ HD III video processing technology features third-generation 1080p processing and new histogram processing for enhanced contrast, sharpness, and color for a clearer, sharper picture. This year’s Hitachi plasma models also have extended color capabilities to reproduce the purest reds, greens and blues. Through this latest plasma line, Hitachi is devoted to investment in its core technology, intellectual property and manufacturing.

“The world’s first 1080 line 42-inch plasma is the result of Hitachi’s investments into core plasma technologies,” said Bill Whalen, senior product manager, Hitachi America, Ltd., Ubiquitous Platform Systems, Consumer Group. “Now consumers can see today’s digital signals with a new clarity that only Hitachi plasma technology can deliver. All of our new plasma products utilize advanced proprietary technologies to bring the most realistic image and best picture quality possible to home theater.”