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-- Company also showcases industry-first OneVision sales and marketing program to make Hitachi solutions more accessible to end-users, more manageable for channel partners --

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA,, June 6, 2005 — Coincident with the opening of the InfoComm 05 taking place here today, the family of Hitachi brands serving the professional A/V marketplace will showcase a broad array of technologies that feature the highest levels of innovative design, high-quality manufacturing and system

support. At Booth #1937 Hitachi America, Ltd., Hitachi Software Engineering and Hitachi Data Systems will offer systems integrators, dealers and end-users advanced A/V technologies including LCD projectors; interactive whiteboards, TFT tablets and plasma displays and large-format vision cube displays.

According to Pete Denes, Hitachi America’s director of sales, the group’s unique ability to offer category-leading performance in each product sector coupled with a group-wide commitment to innovation, quality and best-in-class support makes working with Hitachi a compelling commercial proposition.

“Few organizations are capable of or prepared to commit to the research and development programs that Hitachi consistently implements each year,” Mr. Denes explained. “But what makes our group of companies truly unique is our proven capacity to build quality products that withstand the rigors of professional or educational environments accompanied by comprehensive support programs that treat each customer as individual and each Hitachi product as mission-critical.”

New From Hitachi America, Ltd. at InfoComm, is a range of high-performance LCD projectors for a variety of presentation environments, including classrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms and training centers. No less than nine new models will cover the spectrum of features in terms of brightness, portability and affordability, addressing markets such as education, PC, retail and house of worship. Although each individual model is unique in its feature set, all carry the reliability and performance for which Hitachi projectors have become known.

At this year’s InfoComm 2005, Hitachi Software will debut its StarBoard T-17SXL interactive presentation system – a compact, ergonomic, pen-driven, SXGA resolution 17-inch LCD display with the StarBoard Software suite. Also making its InfoComm debut, Hitachi Software’s StarBoard BT-1 System, a cost-effective, super-versatile wireless BT-1 Bluetooth Freedom Tablet with the leading StarBoard Software suite.

The Hitachi America, Home Electronics Division, Professional Plasma Group will show the 55HDM71, CMP4211 and CMP412, and CMP420V1 and CMP420V2 Professional Plasma Monitors feature sleek design, large viewing area and exceptional picture quality for various business applications.

The plasma models offer maximum display control flexibility and interconnectivity with industry-leading control devices. A wide variety of options allows optimum system integration capability. The 16:9 aspect ratio display is less than four inches thin and surprisingly lightweight for space-efficient installation. The 55HDM71 (55" screen) features high-definition resolution in a large flat panel screen size. A High Contrast Black Rib Structure provides excellent contrast and deep blacks with any source material or viewing environment. With a million+ pixel resolution in a 42" screen, the CMP4211 and CMP4212 create an unsurpassed detailed image with 1.07 billion color display. 10 bit processing and 3:2 pull-down detection for film-based sources delivers the smoothest video images.

CMP420V1 and CMP420V2 (42" screen) enhanced-definition displays feature progressively scanned (480P) output to create a detailed image with any type of input content. A high contrast, anti-reflective glass shield increases contrast range and creates a sharp picture rivaling more expensive HD panels.

The Hitachi Data Systems Ubiquitous Business Solutions division will showcase VisionCube its video-wall line of high-definition rear-projection video cubes that offer superior quality images and vivid color reproduction. The VisionCube family of products consists of a 40” LCD rear projection display cube (LSV40) and both 50” and 70” LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) rear-projection display cubes (ES50 and ES70). With its 4-channel digital color correction feature, the LSV40 ensures outstanding shade correction at all brightness levels, providing consistent, natural video expressions.

Additionally, the LSV40 is designed with Hitachi’s exclusive optical beam control. This means that the LSV40, in a multi-unit configuration, achieves optimum vertical field viewing.

Hitachi's VisionCube with LCoS (ES50 and ES70) is the world’s first high definition, LCoS rear projection video cube. The LCoS VisionCube was designed to address the high demand market requirements of control rooms, traffic control, digital signage, energy, and financial applications. Offering a leading edge 3-chip optical engine, the LCoS VisionCube boasts the narrowest pixel line available in rear projection display technology. Hitachi’s LCoS VisionCube features high contrast, high-quality images, high resolution (UXGA, SXGA +), and superior color reproduction.

Hitachi Denshi is introducing the ZDR-1 recorder, a truly affordable high-quality tapeless recorder for its Professional Camera models. The recorder will dock to its popular Z-series cameras and enable them to be liberated from their studio pedestals and tripods giving Hitachi customers the freedom to realize Field Productions with their best cameras. The digital recording compression will be 25Mbps. The file formats will be the popular AVI and MOV type now handled by a large majority of NLE suites on the market. The Hitachi ZDR-1 recorder has a removable media (HDD) available in capacities ranging from 20 to 100Gb providing as much as 5 hours recording time at 25Mbps. Prices range from $150/ drive to $350 depending on capacity. Bundled with the recorder is a bay, which allows installation into a PC or MAC NLE. The HDD simply goes from the camera to the NLE making the video ingest process almost absent. The NLE’s OS mounts the HDD and video editing can take place in the very same media it was used to acquire it. The Hitachi ZDR-1 will tentatively list for $5,000.00 and delivery starts as early as June 2005.

Hitachi OneVision is a sales and marketing program that brings together the products, services and expertise offered by Hitachi Software, Hitachi America, Ltd., Digital Media Division, the Hitachi Data Systems Ubiquitous Business Solutions division, and Hitachi Denshi, enabling dealers and integrators carrying products offered by any one of these divisions to qualify for savings on products manufactured by other divisions. OneVision makes it possible for any Hitachi dealer to configure an advanced communications system that delivers high performance and high performance value. As a result, dealers and integrators can now provide more comprehensive systems for their customers at a significant discount.

“OneVision is a big step towards the realization of Hitachi’s tremendous sales and marketing potential,” explained Ralph Zak, director of Hitachi Software Engineering, Interactive Communications Group. “Judged on case-by-case basis, our products make communicators more effective and collaboration more complete, but by creating Hitachi OneVision to offer bundled solutions, we provide our dealers and customers with a singular source for pricing, fulfillment and support.”

As InfoComm opens, Hitachi has partnered with Paramount Pictures for a worldwide promotional campaign surrounding the upcoming motion picture “War of the Worlds.” “Our ‘The Ultimate Visual Experience’ campaign is a perfect match between Spielberg and Cruise’s pursuit of the world’s best in film entertainment and Hitachi’s commitment to the highest picture quality through its digital consumer electronic products,” said Kazuhiro Tachibana, general manager of Hitachi’s Consumer Business Group.. “We are thrilled that our high-quality products will not only be seen in the film, but will also be leveraged for a global promotion.” “War of the Worlds,” directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, hits theaters worldwide on June 29.