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Hitachi Announces New Line of Plasma HDTV's

-- New Hitachi HDTV's Blend Performance, Power and Elegance to Deliver Precisely What Today's Savvy Consumer Demands in Home Electronics Products --

NEW YORK, June 12, 2008 — Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc. today announced its new line of 2008 Plasma HDTV’s, which showcase elegant new designs, advanced technologies and robust, industry-leading features. Hitachi’s new HDTV’s respond perfectly to today’s new breed of home electronics consumer, who is extremely discerning and demands innovation, high-style, performance and prestige from every electronics product they bring into their home.

The new Hitachi HDTV’s come in high gloss Japan black and high gloss crystal frames with manual swivel stands or unique remote controlled power swivel stands. The new UltraBlack Panels boxed cell structure produces darker blacks and the new proprietary phosphor formulations produce industry leading deep, rich colors. 

The new PictureMaster™ VI digital video processor features the second generation of Hitachi’s Reel60™ technology, a patented innovation that eliminates “judder” for the ultimate in smooth, clear motion. The new HDTV’s also debut a new feature for film fans called Cinema48™. Working exclusively with 24p HDMI inputs, Cinema48™ provides viewers with the same visual timing and feeling that they experience in movie theaters.

Available in two screen sizes (42-inch and 50-inch), other features of Hitachi’s 2008 HDTV’s include Energy Star qualification with an automatic ambient room light sensor, deep-black stripe filters for exceptional real world contrast and industry leading anti-reflective properties, the ability to disable or dim the power indicator light, , a game mode and a TV Guide On Screen™ Interactive Program Guide.

“Beyond packing our new plasmas with all the power and performance the Hitachi brand has always been admired and sought after for, in 2008 we took everything to the next level,” said Daniel Lee, vice president of marketing for Hitachi Home Electronics (America). “Today’s consumer isn’t satisfied with just breakthrough technology or rich features. That’s all considered a given these days. Now, when consumers make home electronics purchase decisions, they actively seek out a brand that delivers them the style, elegance and aesthetics that match their refined tastes. It simply has to be the complete package of performance, features and design. This is something we know well at Hitachi and our new plasma line embodies this ethos in every detail -- from amazing technologies like Reel60 and Cinema48, to the ability to dim the power light to create a super dark viewing environment, to the elegant Japan black and crystal frames and the convenient power swivel base. It all comes together in an exciting way with our new plasma line and we believe these products will capture exactly what today’s consumer seeks.”