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Hitachi Announces Position and Policy on Decreasing the Investment Unit

Tokyo, May 13, 2016 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501) today announced its position and policy on decreasing investment unit on the stock exchanges in Japan as follows.

1. Position on Decreasing the Investment Unit

Hitachi recognizes that decreasing the investment unit is one of the important means of promoting the participation of wide variety of investors in the stock market and therefore creating the stable and vibrant stock market.

2. Policy on Decreasing the Investment Unit

Hitachi does not currently intend to lower the investment unit for the time being since Hitachi judges that its stock has high liquidity and is held by a wide range of investors. Taking into consideration transitional period to 100-shares trading unit jointly announced by all domestic stock exchanges, Hitachi will continue to carefully consider actions related to decreasing the investment unit from the perspectives of liquidity of Hitachi shares, shareholder composition, and associated costs and benefits, etc.