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Hitachi Offers Wide Variety Of Solutions For Pro AV Market At InfoComm 08

--Product Highlights Include LCD Projectors, StarBoard Interactive Whiteboards and Professional-Grade Cameras—

LAS VEGAS, June 16, 2008 —  Hitachi is introducing a variety of new products at InfoComm 08, ranging from LCD projectors to interactive whiteboards to production cameras. Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc., Business Group, Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. and Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. will offer systems integrators, dealers and end-users the latest in high-end video equipment that spans from capturing video to displaying it.

New from Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc., Business Group, and Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. is the CP-A100+FXDuo Bundle, offering a one-stop solution for systems integrators, educators and presenters. The CP-A100+FXDuo Bundle combines the Hitachi CP-A100 ultra short-throw projector, the Hitachi StarBoard FX Duo interactive whiteboard, and a custom-designed wall mount all into one seamless solution. Mounted on the wall arm at the top of the board, the CP-A100’s short-throw capability greatly reduces the shadow cast on the FX Duo from the presenter and offers a better viewing experience for students and audiences.

Offered now as a complete package, the bundle is a great option for integrators.

Additionally, Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc., Business Group, introduces the CP-WX625 LCD projector. With networking functionality and Hitachi’s proprietary My Image emergency notification system, the CP-WX625 projector is ideal for higher education applications. The CP-WX625 LCD projector is specially designed for use with widescreen-format laptops and imaging applications that use 16:10 aspect ratios. Additionally, the CP-WX625 features an HDMI terminal, allowing digital signals such as DVD players/recorders and HD to be transmitted digitally to the projector.

Hitachi Software is also introducing the StarBoard FX Duo 63 and FX Duo 88 interactive whiteboards. The StarBoard FX Duo 63 features a 63-inch interactive whiteboard, providing the same multi-touch interaction capabilities found in other boards in the series, but with a size designed to fit smaller classes and boardrooms. The StarBoard FX Duo 88 features an 88-inch interactive whiteboard, offering the same multi-touch interaction capabilities found in other boards in the series, with a new 16:10 wide aspect ratio that provides more presentation space and better mirror screen dimensions of wide aspect PC and laptop display settings.

The FX Duo Series offers a new level of interaction for educators and corporate presenters alike by allowing control using multi-touch hand gestures, as well as use of the presenter’s finger, an electronic pen or any other object. The new 88-inch size offers a larger presentation surface for those who need extra work space to captivate an audience or a classroom.

Also new from Hitachi Software, the FX Duo Wireless Kit for Hitachi StarBoard FX Duo-series interactive whiteboards features an add-on wireless device that enables the boards to wirelessly connect with users’ PCs.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. will be showcasing substantial performance and features additions to its SK-HD1000 HDTV studio and field production camera. Squeezing the most from its world-renowned digital processing expertise, Hitachi has upgraded the performance of its SK-HD1000 camera to an outstanding 60dB HDTV Signal to Noise Ratio at F10.0 and a real-world resolution of 1100 Horizontal TV Lines. This translates into the cleanest, sharpest digital processing HDTV camera picture you can presently buy. Furthermore, complimenting this performance benchmark, Hitachi introduces new functions, control panels, CCUs, and other production accessories make the SK-HD1000 an outstanding value.

The new CCU design model CU-HD1000 equally offers exceptional flexibility by providing users not only choice of fiber or digital triax/ coax transmission but also an optional cross-converter to make 720p out of 1080i and embedded professional quality digital audio in the HD-SDI outputs. For customers having SD and HD control rooms, the CCU accepts dual controls, provides both SD & HD formats and its control system is network-ready via the provided RJ45 port. User serial data as when used with a robotic pan/ tilt head can also be transported to and from the camera head via the RS232C port on the CCU. The SK-HD1000 is a dockable camera, offering the following configurations: digital triax, optical fiber, HD wireless system, or a P2 dockable recorder.

Also new from Hitachi Kokusai, the HV-HD30 builds upon the success of its predecessor to offer Hitachi customers the latest high-performance HDTV imaging camera at an unprecedented price level. Advancements in Digital Signal Processing and CMOS imaging sensors permit the introduction of this new level of picture quality, electronic stability at a reduced manufacturing cost. The HV-HD30 HDTV Digital Color Camera employs three HDTV, 1/3-inch format, 1.3- megapixel CMOS sensors that achieve high picture quality on the par with the highest performance CCDs currently on the market.