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Hitachi Introduces a Low Vibration Reciprocating Saw Featuring User Vibration Protection (UVP) Technology

NORCROSS, GA., June 25, 2007 –Hitachi Power Tools today unveiled its first low vibration reciprocating saw featuring User Vibration Protection (UVP) technology that reduces motor vibration and significantly decreases end user fatigue. The CR13VBY Reciprocating Saw features a unique swing cutting mechanism, variable speed dial and trigger for ultimate control and class leading cutting speed all packaged into a lightweight and ergonomic (9.7 lbs) tool.

Pick up the CR13VBY and it appears to be a conventional reciprocating saw. But, pull the trigger and there is nothing conventional about it. Hitachi’s patented UVP technology incorporates a counterweight mechanism that reduces full-load tri-axial vibration by over 65% significantly reducing vibration transfer to the user. The 12Amp motor provides aggressive power thanks to 1370 Watts, resulting in a faster cutting speed and higher efficiency on the job. The CR13VBY is also equipped with a variable speed dial and trigger. This allows the user to adjust the cutting speed optimally for the working conditions and material for less waste and more control.

Another unique feature on this low vibration reciprocating saw from Hitachi is the 2-mode cutting mechanism. The user can decide between straight cutting mode for certain applications or a “swing cut” action that produces significantly less rebound effect as compared to traditional orbital action for a more efficient cut in wood materials. The CR13VBY also offers a tool-less blade change so blades can be quickly mounted and replaced with a simple press of a lever. The blades can be inserted in either direction- upward or downward (except in swing cut mode) for convenience if the application applies. It delivers a stroke length of 1-1/4” at 0-3,000 SPM that also attributes to its rapid cutting performance.

This low vibration reciprocating saw is constructed with a triple seal design to protect from the large amounts of dust and debris that is generated during use as well as to protect it from water waste when cutting into pipes. The durable front cover is made from double molded elastomer and plastic to protect from heat and prevent slippage. Its ergonomic shape and slip/heat resistant grip are easier to handle and make the CR13VBY comfortable to use all day long.

And with Hitachi’s industry leading 5-year warranty, the CR13VBY low vibration reciprocating saw is ideal for heavy use to cut pipes, wood, metals such as mild steel, aluminum and copper, and various synthetic materials such as bakelike and vinyl chloride. For more information including the full line of Hitachi products and support, please contact Hitachi Power Tools at 1-800-829-4752 or visit