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Hitachi Explosive Trace Detection System Receives TSA Certification

WASHINGTON, DC and TOKYO, Japan, July 20, 2005 -- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501 / NYSE: HIT) and Hitachi America, Ltd., today announced that the DS-110E, Hitachi explosives trace detection system (ETDS), has received certification from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In 2001, Hitachi, Ltd. released its first ETDS, which employed Mass Spectrometry (MS) and a unique ionization technology. The system detects traces of explosives caught on a wipe sheet by swabbing baggage or parcels surface. In addition to ETDS, Hitachi has developed a wide variety of security equipment such as conventional X-ray inspection systems to meet the broad spectrum of antiterrorism market’s needs. Hitachi aims to be the leading supplier of physical security systems in order to contribute to a secure and safe society.

In airports and important buildings all over the world, the need for new security technology has been rising. Following 9/11, the US Government established the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and has been improving its homeland security. TSA, one of DHS sub-agencies, is responsible for transportation security. This agency evaluates and certifies security equipment such as explosives detection systems that are critical components of modern aviation security. The TSA’s certification criteria are internationally recognized as a de-facto standard for evaluating security systems. Airports around the globe, not only in the United States, procure only TSA certified equipment.

The commercialization of the first ETDS in July, 2001 was based on the research developments on the MS and the ionization technologies in the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory. Since then, Hitachi has made several key improvements to the systems through the cooperative development with NOF Corporation, the leading Japanese explosive manufacturer. In November 2003, Hitachi entered into a Cooperative Research Development Agreement with TSA Laboratory (Atlantic City, NJ), and has improved performance of the DS-110E. In April 2005, based on the result of these approaches, Hitachi applied the DS-110E to the TSA’s ETDS Certification process and passed several rigorous evaluation tests which resulted in certification.