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Norco College Uses OneVision to Get the Best Technology for Its Technology Students

NORCO, California, July 27, 2016 –To ensure that Norco College students can learn about technology using the best technology, every classroom on campus is equipped with a Hitachi projector. Now, Daniel Lambros, the Instructional Media Broadcast Technician, has signed up Norco College as a member of OneVision, Hitachi’s program for higher education, and plans on saving the school a lot more money with the perks.

Norco College has around 10,500 students and around 120 classrooms across campus. The biggest technology programs at Norco College focus on AutoCAD, engineering drafting, engineering electronics and CTE. At the heart of each classroom sits a Hitachi projector ready and waiting for each class to begin. Lambros claims that Norco College’s classrooms have been all-Hitachi for a long while due to the affordable price points, high quality equipment, and now the OneVision program that offers maximum ROI. He doesn’t see that changing anytime soon.

“Even before Hitachi announced OneVision, Troxell Communications introduced us to Hitachi’s projectors and, based on our experience with the equipment and the sales reps, it’s been a great match,” said Lambros. “And with OneVision we’re looking forward to working even closer with Hitachi to get the right gear for our school.”

Lambros just recently enlisted Norco College for the OneVision program. Designed with the customer in mind, OneVision deepens the relationship between Hitachi as a manufacturer, the distributor and the customer for the sake of better communication. Perks include direct access to Hitachi sales and service specialists, 24-hour replacement time, specialized pricing on higher education models, five-year warranty on projectors, one-year warranty on lamps and a rewards program where members receive a free projector after buying 10 or a free lamp after buying three projectors.

The projectors at Norco College are used multiple times almost every day, and are updated to new models every five years. For Lambros, this means beginning the replacement vetting process every 4.5 years to ensure their technology needs are met. In each case it’s been Hitachi which continues to meet their Higher Education technology needs. With the five-year warranty perk offered through the OneVision program, Lambros can take comfort in knowing that the projectors are covered for the complete five years they are in place and a classroom isn’t left without a projector, especially within those last six months of research before the next batch come in.

As the Instructional Media Broadcast Technician and AV expert, Lambros takes care of new development and technology research, installation and maintenance and the tutorials for instructors to learn about the equipment. He said that the instructors love the picture quality and the color and contrast that they get with Hitachi. With a student population that focuses mainly on technology, Hitachi performance excels for the challenge of CAD work which requires fine image detail for representing engineering use.  

“I’m excited to start using the perks of OneVision around Norco,” says Lambros. “It’s a great program and the fact that it comes from Hitachi makes it that much better and easier for us. We had already discovered the superiority of the equipment, now we just get perks for using them.”

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