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Hitachi Introduces Inverters for Elevator Control

TARRYTOWN, NY, August 16, 2004 -- Hitachi America, Ltd., Power and Industrial Division, today announced the SJ300-EL Series of Inverters that are specialized for elevator controls. The SJ300-EL features fully tunable Sigmoid (“S” letter) acceleration and deceleration function. Acceleration and deceleration start/end ratio and time are settable independently for each multi-speed step. Variable ASR (Automatic Speed Regulator) gain setting function enables stable operation with high-gain setting at stopping or slow speed, low-gain at high-speed steady run. Up to 8 points can be set.

For smoother operation, the SJ-300-EL controls starting torque with a feedback signal from the load cell. Braking frequency and release frequency are independently settable. For customized specification, battery-backup is also possible. Please provide specifications of battery or UPS to Hitachi for review. In case of a malfunction of the pulse generator, the SJ300-EL automatically changes its control method from vector control to SLV or V/Hz and continues operation.

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