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-- Hitachi’s “Inspiration Pavilion” Highlights the Ubiquity of the Company’s Social, Life, Industrial and Information Infrastructure Products that Contribute Broadly to Society --

BRISBANE, Calif., September 11, 2007 -- Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT), today announced that it will display more than 30 products and technologies at Wired Magazine’s NextFest technology festival beginning September 13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The products and technologies to be shown are but the tip of the iceberg in Hitachi’s broad range of systems, products and services that comprise the company’s global social infrastructure, industrial infrastructure, life infrastructure and information infrastructure businesses,

Wired NextFest is a four-day festival of innovative products and technologies that are transforming the world. This year's NextFest in Los Angeles features more than 160 interactive exhibits from leading scientists and researchers around the world. The festival is designed to allow people to experience the future of communication, design, entertainment, exploration, health, play, robots, transportation, security and green living.

“Wired NextFest is a natural fit for our vision of where technology is going to take us – essentially to ‘breathe new life into the next era’,” said Tadahiko Ishigaki, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive for North America of Hitachi, Ltd. and Chairman of Hitachi America, Ltd. “We firmly believe that innovation will inspire the next generation and we’re proud to be associated with WIRED NextFest and to show our customers and the residents of Los Angeles how our technology is an essential part of society and the future.”

Commenting on Hitachi’s business philosophy, Kazuo Furukawa, President and CEO of Hitachi, Ltd., said, “Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi has acted from a corporate philosophy of contributing to society through technology. The world and society continue to change greatly, but we have never lost our pioneering spirit, based on the principles of harmony and sincerity. Our corporate statement "Inspire the Next" is a declaration of our vow that the Hitachi brand will continue to meet the expectations of our customers and society in this age of information, knowledge and the empowered consumer. This statement embodies Hitachi's commitment to continue to inspire coming generations with the latest products, systems and services, for a more vibrant society. It is also an expression of our strong commitment to boldly face whatever new challenges the times bring us: whatever comes "Next."

Hitachi’s exhibit at NextFest 2007 includes interactive demonstrations, product displays and multimedia presentations to bring to life many of the ways in which the Hitachi brand touches peoples lives. The company will feature several films that show Hitachi infrastructure products that many people experience but never see the name Hitachi. For example, Hitachi pump technology is in operation at the California Department of Water Resources’ Edmonston pumping station, which is responsible for bringing vital water supplies to the Los Angeles basin from Northern California. Hitachi will also be showing its award winning True Stories documentary films, which illustrate the impact that Hitachi technology has on society.

The Hitachi “Inspiration Pavilion” comprises several sections including a digital life area; an interactive area; and life science, security and infrastructure area.

In the digital life area, Hitachi will highlight some of the key technologies that make up its broad involvement in the entertainment supply chain to the consumer. Included is professional HDTV broadcasting camera technology, Blade Symphony blade servers, Universal Storage Platform for high volume video storage, Network Solution/GPON technology for broadband triple play, HD Plasma TVs, Wireless high definition video streaming, personal HDD storage with up to 1 terabytes of external storage and the world’s first Blue-ray/HDD hybrid camcorder.

In the interactive section, Hitachi is highlighting its tabletop microscope, VisionCube video wall, Brainstorm optical topography brain-machine interface technology, Sensor Net attraction, Cosmidea Inspiration Support System and a multi-touch interactive whiteboard for education applications.

In the life science, security and infrastructure area, Hitachi is highlighting proton beam technology used in the treatment of cancer, Kokoro Gatari communications device for ALS patients, S40 Clinical Analyzer desktop lab for doctors offices, allergy testing technology for identifying allergies in humans, wireless sensor system, finger vein biometric device for ATM, door access and PC login applications, smart card technology, µ -Chip RFID technology, power systems solutions, water pump technology, DioVista flood simulation software, demining equipment for removal of land minds, monorail system for mass transportation, and automotive systems for engine management and power train control, as well as global positioning systems and car audio and video.

Among the Hitachi companies participating in NextFest are:

• Clarion Corporation of America,

• Hitachi, Ltd.,

• Hitachi, Ltd., Automotive Systems,

• Hitachi, Ltd., Consumer Business Group,

• Hitachi, Ltd., Industrial Systems,

• Hitachi, Ltd., Information and Telecommunications Systems,

• Hitachi, Ltd., Power Systems,

• Hitachi, Ltd., Personal Health Care Venture Company,

• Hitachi, Ltd., Research and Development Group,

• Hitachi, Ltd., WirelessInfo Venture Company,

• Hitachi America, Ltd.,

• Hitachi America, Ltd., Information Division,,

• Hitachi America, Ltd., Ubiquitous Platform Systems Division.

• Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial Systems Division,

• Hitachi America, Ltd., Power Systems Division,

• Hitachi America, Ltd., Research and Development Division,

• Hitachi Automotive Products (USA), Inc.,

• Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, Inc.,

• Hitachi Construction Machinery,

• Hitachi Data Systems Corporation,

• Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.,

• Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc.,

• Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Inc.,

• Hitachi Koki (USA), Ltd.,

• Hitachi Kokusai Electric America,

• Hitachi Medical Corporation,

• Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp.,

• Hitachi Software Engineering America Ltd.,

• Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc.,

• Maxell Corporation of America,

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