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Penske Racing driver Helio Castroneves, sponsored by the Hitachi Group, finishes in 3rd place in the 2016 U.S. IndyCar Series championship

Tokyo, September 20, 2016 ---Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. today announced that Helio Castroneves, a Hitachi contract driver in the Penske Racing team, sponsored by the Hitachi Group, came in 7th in the final race of the 2016 IndyCar Series held in Sonoma, California on September 18, resulting in a 3rd place finish in the season's championship standings.

In the season opener held in St. Petersburg, Florida, on March 13, Castroneves had a strong race that gained him 4th place. He stood on the podium four times during the season, came in 2nd place twice in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 14 and Toronto, Canada on July 17, then 3rd place twice as well in Long Beach, California on April 17, and in Watkinson Glen, New York on September 4.

Castroneves kept within 5th place in the season standings in 15 races out of a total of 16. He further took 2nd place in the season standings twice in the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit Race 1 on July 4, and Road America held on June 26.

After the season final race in Sonoma, Castroneves gave his comment to the fans;

“It's an honor to represent Hitachi on and off the racetrack. We had a great season this year with a 3rd place finish in the championship standings which has me already excited for next year. Hitachi does so many great things for our race team and our organization. They're always ready to cheer on the car No. 3. It's just a perfect relationship."

Hitachi Automotive Systems wishes to thank everyone for their warm support throughout the year for Helio Castroneves, sponsored by the Hitachi Group.

Driver Castroneves, sprinting at the Sonoma finale race on September 18