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Hitachi Joins U-M Mobility Transformation Center to Advance Driving Technology Research

Tarrytown, NY, Sept 25, 2015 - Hitachi America, Ltd. and Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. today announced that Hitachi America, Ltd. has become an Affiliate Member of the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center (MTC). MTC operates Mcity, a unique test facility with a controlled test environment that was specifically designed to evaluate the capabilities of connected and automated vehicles and systems that will lead the way to mass-market driverless cars.

Mcity, which had its grand opening in July 2015, was designed and developed by MTC in partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the U-M campus, Mcity simulates the broad range of complexities that vehicles encounter in urban and suburban environments. It includes a network of roads with intersections, various road surfaces (concrete, grass, asphalt, brick, dirt), traffic signs and signals, a tunnel, sidewalks, benches, simulated buildings, street lights, and obstacles such as construction barriers. The facility also provides a unique opportunity for users to test autonomous and connected technologies in winter weather conditions so automotive manufacturers can see how their technologies perform in snow, ice, rain and other challenging driving situations.

Hitachi America Ltd., and its subsidiary Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas Inc., will leverage Mcity to further its development of connected car and autonomous driving technologies, including autonomous parking assist, lane changing assist, braking system capabilities and other solutions that allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with each other and the surrounding infrastructure.

The Hitachi group will develop and implement their advanced system technologies in autonomous driving and connected vehicles that can contribute significantly to vehicle value, safety and comfort.