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-- Hitachi’s superior technology and proven worldwide experience will enhance Lewiston Pump Generating Plant’s performance --

BASKING RIDGE, NJ and Lewiston, NY, October, 2010 - Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd. (“HPSA”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi America, Ltd., today announced that it has been awarded a 10-year contract by the New York Power Authority (“NYPA”) for replacing and modifying major components of Lewiston Pump Generating Plant’s pump-turbine units. 

As part of the Life Extension and Modernization Program, Hitachi will replace parts of the 12 pump-turbine units and associated equipment which date back to 1961, to extend the life of the hydroelectric facility and enhance its performance.  The Program consists of replacing the turbine runners, which is the rotating portion of the equipment that transfers energy from the water flow to the generators, as well as a design and test of a pump turbine model runner.

The field upgrade will begin in late 2012 under a schedule providing for the overhaul of a turbine generator unit every eight to nine months, with the final unit completed in 2020.  The phase-in schedule provides for 11 of the 12 Lewiston’s units to be available for operation during the Life Extension and Modernization Program so that NYPA can meet its commitments to its customers.  In addition to extending the life of the pump generating plant, the refurbishment will lead to greater efficiencies, allowing the plant to generate additional power with the same amount of water.

Hitachi had been previously awarded the upgrade and rehabilitation of the pump-turbine units for NYPA’s Blenheim-Gilboa project in 2004 which was successfully completed in 2010.

In announcing the award, Henry Bartoli, president and CEO of HPSA stated, “This contract represents Hitachi’s commitment towards renewable energy by offering the latest advancements in upgrade/refurbishment technologies in the hydroelectric market.  This benefits NYPA as well as its customers while preserving natural resources and protecting our environment.” 

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