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-- Available in 2008, Hitachi’s Chic New HDTVs Mark the Debut of an Entirely New Category of Display --

TOKYO – October 23, 2007 – Hitachi has achieved yet another consumer electronics breakthrough with today’s announcement of its new line of 1.5-inch (35mm) Ultra Thin HDTV’s.  Hitachi also expects to be first to market with its new Ultra Thin series, which will be available in the Japan market in December of 2007.  U.S. consumers can expect to see Ultra Thin models in early 2008 – many months before thin displays from other manufacturers.

These slim, stylish LCDs from Hitachi represent an important new category of product that is being called Ultra Thin Displays. This new type of display is designed for a highly affluent and refined segment of consumers who seek luxury, style and prestige. This extremely discerning audience also demands a set of features, technologies and design aesthetics that are separate and very distinct from those found in today’s traditional Flat Panel Displays.

“As very large consumer markets grow and evolve, sub-segments with particular nuances will emerge,” said Daniel Lee, vice president of marketing for Hitachi America, Ltd., Ubiquitous Platform Systems Division. “This is precisely what we’re seeing in the HDTV market and our new designs are at the forefront of this shift. What’s happening is that the more traditional Flat Panel Displays will continue to focus on ‘bigger is better.’  Hitachi knows this segment very well, and we have for years held a leadership position with our Director’s Series plasmas.  But our research shows a new trend emerging:  consumers want access to information and entertainment throughout the home. This is the promise behind the ‘networked’ and ‘digital’ home. And it’s also what’s behind the emergence of these new Ultra Thin Displays from Hitachi, which are very thin, versatile, lightweight and stylish and can elegantly be placed in any room or multiple rooms throughout the home. At Hitachi, we will be tailoring our engineering product development and overall go-to-market strategy to address this important and exciting market dynamic.”

Initially offered in three sizes (32”, 37” and 42”), the displays are designed to provide consumers with a range of options for placement throughout the home. Hitachi’s research shows consumers want Ultra Thin Displays to be more discreet, flexible, modern and sleek, since they will often be purchased for a kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom.