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Hitachi Completes Acquisition of Horizon Nuclear Power

London, UK, November 26, 2012 - Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, "Hitachi") today announced it has completed the acquisition of Horizon Nuclear Power Limited (“Horizon”) from RWE npower plc and E.ON UK plc.

Following the acquisition, Hitachi owns two sites at Wylfa, Anglesey, and Oldbury, South Gloucestershire. Horizon plans to build two to three c1,300MW nuclear power plants at each of the sites.

Hitachi will now begin discussions with UK regulators to obtain approval to use Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) technology under the UK’s Generic Design Assessment process. ABWR technology is the only advanced nuclear technology (Generation III) in operation in the world and is already licensed for use in several countries including the U.S, with four ABWRs having already been successfully built in Japan, on time and to budget. An early priority will be supply chain engagement and both national and regional events are expected to be held in early in 2013.

Masaharu Hanyu, Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officer of Nuclear Systems and General Manager of Nuclear Systems Division, Power Systems Company, Power Systems Group, said: “Hitachi is committed to helping the UK achieve its vision of a secure, low-carbon and affordable energy supply. The acquisition of Horizon is the first step in this journey, which will see us strive to build a strong UK power production company and support the creation of thousands of highly skilled jobs in the UK’s energy sector. We look forward to welcoming Horizon management and employees to Hitachi and working with them on this exciting project.”

1. General overview of the acquired company

General overview of the acquired company

2. Overview of stockholder acquisition

(1) E.ON

Overview of stockholder acquisition

(2) RWE


3. Acquired stocks, acquisition price and stock situation before and after acquisition

Acquired stocks, acquisition price and stock situation before and after acquisition


The impact on consolidated financial business results of Hitachi following this acquisition is yet to be determined.