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TARRYTOWN, NY, December 1, 2006 -- Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial Systems Division, today announced introduction of the DSP Oilfree Rotary Screw Air Compressor Technology into North America. Hitachi’s 26 years of Oilfree rotary screw and nearly 100 years of compressed air experience lay the foundation for this advanced product series.

Features of the DSP Oilfree Variable Speed and Fixed Speed product portfolio include but are not limited to:

• Patented PTFE-Free coatings to ensure the highest quality air is provided to the end user.

• Stainless steel rotors on both the 1st and 2nd stage rotors.

• Patented Hi-Precooler to provide efficient cooling and thermal protection.

• Patented Oil Mist Remover to prevent oil mists from venting to atmosphere.

• Patented rotor clearance design to provide greater efficiency and higher airend reliability.

• Patented “PQ Wide Mode” speed adjustment design to provide greater air output at lower pressure settings.

• Industry leading low sound levels and vibration isolation.

• Incorporation of Hitachi motors, inverter drives and airends to convey highest efficiencies throughout the operating range.

Hitachi’s DSP Oilfree rotary screw air compressor products are part of the Air Technology Group, which is based in Charlotte, NC. The facility will be the center for all Air Technology Group business operations, warehousing, and training for Distribution Partners and OEMs.

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