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Hitachi Introduces More Micro Lithium Ion Tools to the Series

NORCROSS, GA, December 23, 2008 – Hitachi Power Tools today introduced several new tools and combo kits to the Micro Series lineup; the CR10DL micro reciprocating saw, the WH10DCL micro right angle impact driver, the UB10DL micro flashlight, the KC10DAL 3-Piece Combo Kit (includes DB10DL- micro driver drill, WH10DL micro impact driver, UB10DL micro flashlight) and the KC10DBL 3-piece Combo Kit (includes DB10DL- micro driver drill, the CR10DL micro reciprocating saw, UB10DL micro flashlight). These new tools and combo kits expand the line that was first introduced in the spring of 2008. Their micro stature allows them to get into areas where others cannot and their lightweight, yet powerful construction makes them easy to handle and convenient to tackle a variety of applications.

All of the Micro Series tools feature optimized handle dimensions that create an ergonomic grip span for comfortable control. These lightweight tools are well-balanced and have properly positioned centers of gravity to keep the users’ hands and forearms in alignment, reducing fatigue over time.  Less wrist deviation and flexor strain result in safer and more accurate operation.  Additionally, due to Hitachi’s unique handle and battery configuration, the Micro Series tools can stand freely on their battery bases, unlike competitive models.

The Micro Series driver, impact driver and right angle impact driver feature quick change ¼” hex chucks that provide fast and simple bit changes, while the micro reciprocating saw offers a simple tool-less blade change system for quick blade replacements. Each tool mentioned above offers a responsive variable speed trigger that provides complete control during intricate operations. By partially depressing the trigger on any micro series tool, an LED light will illuminate towards the work surface and allow the user to see clearly in order to set up an application before the bit or blade is in motion.  A low battery indicator lights located at the base of each tool warns the user when run-time is getting.

This series is powered by Hitachi’s environmentally friendly 1.5Ah 12V Peak Lithium Ion batteries. Hitachi now refers to the Micro Series line as 12V Peak following a new industry trend referring to lithium ion battery voltage ratings by the initial no-load peak voltage when fully charged, not the nominal voltage under a typical load. Hitachi’s “Peak” voltage is 12-12.4V for the Micro series line. The nominal voltage is 10.8V. Hitachi’s 12V Peak Micro Lithium Ion batteries are 100% compatible with all past and future Hitachi Micro Series tools.

Each Micro tool (except the UB10DL flashlight) and combo kit comes with two lithium ion 12V Peak batteries that are equipped with an over discharging protection system and an over heating  protection system  for added safety. Each tool (except the UB10DL flashlight)  includes a 40-minute quick charger with Hitachi’s patented advanced circuitry that prevents the batteries from overheating and experiencing power loss, ultimately extending the life of the batteries and saving the user from replacement costs. Hitachi’s Micro Series features an industry leading 5-year warranty. 

CR10DL Micro Reciprocating Saw
Designed with a 1/2” stroke length, this micro reciprocating saw is ideal for quickly and conveniently cutting wood, metal and plastics. Weighing only 2.6 lbs, it is easy to use in overhead applications or in tight areas where a conventional corded reciprocating saw will not fit. It even can be used for light landscaping applications where branches and limbs need trimming.

Delivering a no-load speed of 0-2,700 SPMs for plenty of power, this tool also accepts standard reciprocating saw blades for ultimate flexibility. Cutting capacities include 2” wood, 1-3/4” pipe and 5/32” steel plate. The CR10DL also comes with a reciprocating saw blade and an injection molded carrying case.

WH10DCL Micro Right Angle Impact Driver
Designed with 265 in/lbs of turning torque, this micro right angle impact driver is the perfect tool to handle a wide range of applications that require drilling, driving and fastening. The angled low profile head allows the tool to fit into hard to reach areas where other tools simply cannot be used. Weighing only 2.2 lbs and delivering an impressive no-load speed of 0-2,100 RPMs and 0-3,400 BPMs, this tool proves invaluable to keep on hand for its compact size and weight. The WH10DCL also comes with a Phillips bit and an injection molded carrying case.

UB10DL Micro Flashlight
Designed with a 180° adjustable head that can be pivoted into 8-positions, this flashlight is the ideal companion on any project. The bright light produced offers a continuous operating time of approximately 4-5 hours on a single charge. Its convenient size and the fact that the tool can sit upright on the battery, unlike other competitive models, makes it simple to use and keep on hand for whenever extra visibility is required. The UB10DL is sold separately without batteries or a charger and is compatible with the 1.5Ah lithium ion batteries used in the Hitachi micro series. It is also available with batteries and charger as part of the Micro combo kits.

KC10DAL 3-Piece Micro Combo Kit (Driver Drill, Impact Driver, Flashlight)
This 3-piece micro combo kit combines the DB10DL micro driver drill (released in February of 2008) and WH10DL micro impact driver (released in May of 2008) with the UB10DL flashlight, two (2) 1.5Ah lithium ion batteries, 40-minute charger, 2” Phillips driver bit and a convenient canvas carrying bag for ultimate convenience and portability.

The DB10DL micro driver drill is ideal for precision drilling and driving applications including general fastening and hardware installations, HVAC and electrical operations, computer and electronic equipment repair, furniture assembly and fine finish work.  With 88 in/lbs of turning power and a best-in-class clutch, the DB10DL offers a drill setting and 21 drive stages for total accuracy and control.  A unique LED light ring surrounds the chuck and illuminates dim work areas. The DB10DL is impressively lightweight and compact at less than 6” in length and weighing only 1.8 lbs.

For standard drilling, driving, and fastening applications, the WH10DL micro impact driver can handle them all, like any drill driver.  The distinction of an impact driver emerges when the job gets tough, such as driving self-tapping masonry anchors into concrete, brick or block, or heavy fastening application with lag bolts.  As the resistance of the load increases, the impact action is engaged to greatly increase torque to power through the most challenging tasks. Lightweight and compact at only 2 lbs and 5-1/2" in length, the WH10DL delivers 930 in/lbs of torque (more than any cordless driver drill) and gets into tight places where conventional drills cannot.

KC10DBL 3-Piece Micro Combo Kit (Driver Drill, Reciprocating Saw, Flashlight)
This 3-piece micro combo kit combines the DB10DL 10.8V micro driver drill (released in February of 2008- see information above) and CR10DL 10.8V micro reciprocating saw (see information above) with the UB10DL 10.8V flashlight, two (2) 1.5Ah lithium ion batteries, 40-minute charger, (2) reciprocating saw blades and a convenient canvas carrying bag for ultimate convenience.

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