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Hitachi America, Ltd. Announces Appointment of Mr. Koji Takaichi As President and Chief Executive Officer

Tarrytown, NY, December 7, 2016 – Hitachi America, Ltd. today announced the appointment of Mr. Koji Takaichi as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Takaichi succeeds Mr. Eriyoshi Konno, who has served as President and CEO since April, 2015. Mr. Konno will assume the role of Senior Officer of the Healthcare Business Unit, Hitachi Ltd. in Japan. The appointments will be effective January 1, 2017.

Mr. Takaichi currently serves as a Managing Director in the Global Mining Business Division, the Social Innovation Business Division of Hitachi Ltd. During the course of his over 33-year career, Mr. Takaichi has had extensive experience leading sales and marketing initiatives, particularly in Hitachi’s steel and chemicals production areas, in its consumer business and in the development of the company’s new energy and smart grid business. Mr. Takaichi’s prior experience also includes previous assignments in the U.S. and China.

Recently, Mr. Takaichi played a critical role in developing Hitachi’s new solutions business related to the mining industry, starting in 2012. Through his significant efforts, the company launched innovative solutions that are highly effective in solving mining customers’ challenges. These new solutions utilize a wide range of Hitachi’s unique technologies and products, from advanced Heavy Mobile Equipment for excavation and haulage to sophisticated IT systems that improve the efficiency and utilization of mine assets and optimize energy usage.

In serving as President and CEO of Hitachi America, Ltd., which is the regional headquarters of Hitachi Ltd., Mr. Takaichi will oversee all Hitachi America’s operations in the critically important North America market, which represent a significant growth opportunity for the Hitachi Group. 

Hitachi has identified North America as strategic growth region for the company, and is rapidly accelerating its Social Innovation Business utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) by competing actively in this fast-developing market. In particular, Hitachi is leveraging its long-established, extensive expertise in Operational Technologies (OT) together with the company’s Information Technologies (IT) capabilities in order to expand its market presence. To further expand its Social Innovation Business in the Americas, Hitachi America has established two new organizations, the Energy Solutions Division and the Healthcare Division this year. Also, Hitachi America is collaborating with Hitachi Insight Group, which is in charge of driving Hitachi’s unified IoT business and go-to-market strategy worldwide. Mr. Takaichi will be responsible for accelerating increased collaborative activities among Hitachi’s many businesses located in the U.S.

“I am honored to assume this very important role within Hitachi,” said Mr. Takaichi. “The opportunity to work in a dynamic, growing market, such as North America, and expand Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business by leveraging the company’s vast and unique OT and IT expertise is truly exciting. I am also looking forward to working with Hitachi America’s talented team of professionals as Hitachi launched its 2018 Mid-term Management Plan to increase overall sales and bring unique value to the North America market.”