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Hitachi America, Ltd. Announces Merger of L.A. Supply Co. and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Marking Solutions Inc.

Tarrytown, New York, July 2, 2018 — Hitachi America, Ltd. (HAL) today announced the merger of two of its Hitachi Group companies: Label House (L.A. Supply Co.) and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Marking Solutions Inc. (HIMS), effective July 1. Dale Tetzlaff will lead the merged company, henceforth known as HIMS, as President and COO.

The two merging companies, both part of the HAL Marking and Coding Group, will leverage each other’s strengths to escalate Hitachi’s growth and increase operation efficiency. The combined organization will utilize the strength of Hitachi’s brand and global sales support to help promote its products and services.

HAL and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. (HIES) jointly established HIMS as a subsidiary in June 2015. HAL and HIES went on to acquire Label House as a second subsidiary for HAL Marking and Coding Group in 2016.

HIMS provides high-quality products and local service to keep customers’ production lines running at a valued price that aims to achieve quick returns on their investments.

Profile of HIMS:

Company Name

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Marking Solutions Inc.


Irvine, California, United States
Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States


Dale Tetzlaff


Sales and servicing of marking and coding solutions




HAL 80%, HIES 20%