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Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas and L3Harris Technologies Collaborate on a Proof of Concept for Developing Next Generation In-Vehicle Weather Detection and Distribution Solution

Silicon Valley, California, January 7, 2020 – Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. and L3Harris Technologies today announced they are collaborating on a proof of Concept to develop an in-vehicle global weather intelligence solution.

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and artificial intelligence (AI) are quickly reaching maturity and entire networks of connected sensors and edge computing capabilities are being created to ensure the safety, security and convenience of autonomous vehicle technologies.  To support this transformation, Hitachi and L3Harris are utilizing in-vehicle sensors, edge processors, DNN (Deep Neural Network) and connectivity to generate hyper localized weather intelligence for safety & autonomous driving applications.

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas looks to provide a connected AD/ADAS ECU platform that is capable of supporting Hitachi Automotive Systems’ onboard applications as well as 3rd party service applications such as L3Harris’ in-vehicle weather recognition software.  This platform aims to be the key enabler to deliver more scalable, secure and reliable Connected Services to both businesses and end users.

L3Harris has developed Helios® Environmental Intelligence Platform – a weather analytics platform that analyzes imagery from thousands of public and private video cameras using a combination of machine learning and traditional image science to instantaneously identify and classify weather conditions.  Building upon the Helios® platform, Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas is adding vehicle sensor data and computational power to create a connected vehicle platform that enables weather analytics to be done at the edge.  The result is a highly granular coverage that provides real-time local weather information.

“Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas is pleased to collaborate with L3Harris Technologies to drive advances in vehicle technologies and in society,” said John Nunneley, Design Engineering SVP, Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc.  “The result of this collaboration will help to maximize the onboard experience while also strengthening smart city operations.”

This solution is one of the first steps to realizing a new automotive ecosystem where intelligence, not data, is shared across non-traditional domains to improve overall safety and generate new potential business models.  This is all made possible through Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas and L3Harris’ next generation technologies and services offering drivers added safety while fleet managers, local governments and weather services receive unprecedented weather intelligence to make optimal decisions.

L3Harris is a global aerospace and defense technology innovator providing advanced defense and commercial technologies headquartered in Melbourne, Fla.