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Hitachi Cable America Inc., Releases New Medical Catalog

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, May 9th, 2017 - Hitachi Cable America has released a new Medical Components catalog. The catalog is full of new content for our customers to better understand Hitachi’s multi-divisional medical components solutions. New products introduced in the catalog include: specialty non-stick silicone cable jacketing; our new 70 ohm 48 gauge microcoaxials; a broad array of twisted pair, microcoaxial and twinaxial cable offerings and catheter products from HTP-MEDS. We encourage you to download the new catalog or contact one of our authorized distributors to obtain a copy.

Since the acquisition of HTP-MEDS and HI-TECH MACHINE & FABRICATION, Hitachi has seen tremendous interest in partner collaboration and new product requests, especially for catheter tubing and tooling. The large medical device OEMs are looking to consolidate their vendor bases around suppliers who can offer a full suite of services and technologies. Hitachi’s expanding medical portfolio compliments our Social Innovation strategy.