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Hitachi Cable America Inc. Releases New Small Diameter Category 6A Cable

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, July 28, 2017 - Hitachi Cable America Inc., (HCA), a U.S. manufacturer of high-performance copper and fiber optic communication cables, has released a new unshielded Category 6A cable that delivers exceptional 10 Gigabit Ethernet support with a small .275 inch (6.985 mm) outside diameter.  The Supra 10G-XE™ is UL verified for performance to the Category 6A standard, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2.  It is available in both plenum rated (PN: 30303-8) and riser rated (PN: 30304-8). “What makes the Supra 10G-XE unique is the barrier that is utilized to isolate the cable core not only from adjacent cables, but from ambient noise” said Steven Kenney, Marketing Manager. “Our Continuous Barrier Design, which performs almost on par with fully shielded cables, such as our own Category 6A Supra 10G F/UTP cables, is designed to be terminated with unshielded connectivity thus making it an exceptional value.”  The Supra 10G-XE has undergone LP (Limited Power) testing at UL and is certified to deliver .6 amps per conductor which enables it to carry up to 120 watts of power.  The small diameter of the cable, combined with excellent electrical performance and noise immunity make it ideal for network infrastructure, wireless access points, video applications and other PoE (Power over Ethernet) applications.  The Supra 10G-XE is made in America and is available with a Lifetime Warranty.