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Hitachi Helps Schools Unlock the Power They Already Own

CHULA VISTA, California, September 28, 2017 – It should be no surprise that there have been cuts to education funding. Because of this, both K-12 and higher education facilities are under pressure to get more from the tools they already have. As technology moves into the classroom with tools such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones, education administrators are working to get the most out of what they already own. Today, many Hitachi digital projectors have the ability to go above and beyond projection and provide many tools to help with classroom connectivity and classroom safety.

PJMan Management Software – Management software provides the ability to control, diagnose and manage an individual or group of projectors and allows users to search, sort and view projector data by specific criteria. This software allows administrators to get reports about which projectors need a new lamp, which are being left on after hours, and which have the highest usage. Reports like these are critical for administrators to budget for lamp replacement, technology turnover and energy usage.

PJMessenger Campus Notification Systems – Notification features allow administrators to display images and messages to each projector on a network. This feature is great for sending campus-wide announcements and important notifications. Images and messages can be sent in real-time or used in conjunction with a scheduling function, which is a great tool for scheduling campus-wide announcements, and drills for emergency situations. Administrators are also able to use these features to schedule projectors to turn on and off at specific times which saves time and money on unnecessary energy usage.

LiveViewer Features – Networked projectors are great for content distribution. With a networked projector, users can send content directly to a projector via USB, wired LAN or wireless LAN. Multi PC mode allows a display of up to 4 PC’s on the same projector screen. Multi Projector mode also allows a user to connect up to 12 projectors at the same time and Presenter and Moderator modes allow the moderator to monitor up to 50 PC users and show up to 4 users at the same time.

These powerful and already available tools provide simple and time-efficient ways for administrators to monitor technology and stay up-to-date with projectors throughout an entire campus. By being aware of a digital projectors’ features, administrators can save time and money and have a better understanding of their spending.