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Hitachi Metals Ltd. in Cooperation with Hitachi Cable America Inc., Releases New 70 OHM Micro-Coax

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, May 9th, 2017 - Hitachi Metals Group Ltd., a Japan division of Hitachi Ltd., has recently released a newly developed 48 AWG coaxial cable for medical applications. Hitachi Metals supplies a wide range of innovative high-performance materials for a broad range of markets. The new MCX product is currently being offered as part of the Hitachi Cable America Medical Components line of products. The highly unique design uses five fluorocarbon polymer monofilaments as a wrapped insulation layer surrounding the central stranded 7/56 AWG wires. The design is then spiral shielded and secured with an extremely thin polyester tape spiral wrap. This new design, as opposed to the foam fluorocarbon polymer extruded directly over the wire, provides increased insulation coverage and a greater ability to control the end product diameter when working such a fine gauge wire. The final resulting diameter is .008 inches (0.21 mm), which is smaller than a 250 um optical fiber.

Our new product will make medical devices as ultrasound diagnostic equipment and endoscopes more user-friendly and capable of producing higher-definition diagnostic images. We will continue to introduce new wire and cable products for medical applications that advance state-of-the-art medical technology. Already a 50 AWG design is currently under development. Please contact us for more information.