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Hitachi Rail Italy delivers First Train to Miami Dade County

MIAMI (USA), March 28, 2017 --- Hitachi Rail Italy announced today it has delivered the first train of the new Miami Metro. The first two-car train (out of a total of 68) left the Medley plant in Florida to reach the Lehman Center on Tuesday, 28th March.

After completion of the assembly and of the first tests, the train passed several routine tests, to verify the correctness of the assembly and the functionality of the subsystems, with special focus on the electrical portion and mechanical adjustment. HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning), brake, doors, lighting systems, among others, were verified, as well as the train’s propulsion system by moving the train back and forth.

Hitachi Rail Italy delivers First Train to Miami Dade County

“We are working hard to fulfill all the agreements with our important Customer Miami-Dade,” declared Maurizio Manfellotto, CEO of Hitachi Rail Italy. “We are always giving priority to reliability, quality and safety, while delivering on time and on schedule. The American continent is strategic for us and we are sure we can offer products that improve daily mobility.”

Over the next weeks, after a first phase of Operators’ training, a second, dynamic test phase will begin with the train running first on the test track and then on the main line during night shifts and weekends.

“Hitachi Rail USA is particularly proud of these first deliveries,” underscored  Giampaolo Nuonno, President and CEO of the American subsidiary of Hitachi Rail Italy. “Our mission is to perform at the highest level by manufacturing best quality trains to meet our customers’ requirements.”

The aim of the dynamic tests session is to complete the validation of the design by qualifying the train through several tests, demonstrating its performance running and braking at maximum speed and in different weight conditions.

The second and third coupled trains are currently undergoing pre-qualification tests in the Hitachi Rail USA Medley Plant, and will follow the first full set to the Lehman Center between the end of June and July to complete the dynamic test session.

The Miami contract is worth approximately 300 million dollars.