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Hitachi-sponsored Team Penske Car Wins 11th Race of the 2017 IndyCar Series

Tokyo, July 10, 2017 --- Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. today announced that Hélio Castroneves, a driver on the Team Penske IndyCar team sponsored by the Hitachi Group, claimed victory at the Iowa Corn 300. The Iowa Corn 300 is the 11th race of the 2017 IndyCar Series, and was held on July 9 (Sun.) at Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa, USA.

The race was a battle that featured 21 cars competing through 300 laps on the 1.4-km high-speed oval course, a tough track for overtakes. Hélio Castroneves began in 3rd Position, the starting position he captured in the qualifying session held the previous day, and continued his steady performance, leading 217 of the 300 laps of the race.

Although the final stages of the race included challenges from other drivers, Hélio crossed the finish line 3.96 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher to claim his first victory since his triumph in Detroit in June 2014.

His Team Penske teammates were close behind, with Will Power finishing fourth,  Josef Newgarden placing sixth, and Simon Pagenaud coming in seventh.

Hélio’s first-place finish has vaulted him into second place in the race for the 2017 Series championship as he continues to battle his way through the six remaining races. With his teammates Will Power and Josef Newgarden finishing fourth and sixth respectively, the top finishers were dominated by Team Penske, which continues its strong performance.

Looking ahead, Hitachi Automotive Systems will use its sponsorship of motor sports, including IndyCar racing, to further grow the Hitachi brand and contribute to the promotion of motor sports.

Hélio Castroneves finishes first in the 11th race of the 2017 Series.