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NAU Deploys Hitachi Projectors for Standardized Learning Environment

Flagstaff, Arizona, November 7, 2017- When Northern Arizona University (NAU) made the decision to centralize its IT environment, it began to standardize projectors across campus. While NAU uses different types of projectors for different learning environments, Kegan Remington, the Manager of Classroom Support, decided to use Hitachi projectors for learning environments that use lamp projectors. Using the Hitachi OneVision program for higher education, NAU saves money with the extended warranty and specialized pricing on all its Hitachi projectors and lamps.

Northern Arizona University is a mid-sized public university with multiple campuses around Arizona, with the Flagstaff location being the largest campus. Two years ago, Remington worked with NAU to begin centralizing the IT environment at the Flagstaff location. This meant using the same Audio/Video (AV) set up for each learning environment to make it easy for professors and other faculty to move around campus without having to worry about a different AV set up in each room. For the lamp projectors, Remington’s team decided to standardize on Hitachi.

“Our different classrooms require different AV set ups depending on whether it’s a standard classroom, an auditorium, a collaborative space or a lab,” says Remington. “So, for our standard classrooms, we have always gravitated toward Hitachi because it is the most common projector around campus and we know we already have the infrastructure for lamp replacements."

Remington explained that his team used to keep an unwieldy inventory of lamps, but now that they have standardized, it’s very simple. The Hitachi OneVision program has had a strong influence on the standardization because the university now receives extended warranty on projectors and lamps.

Hitachi’s OneVision program is for higher education facilities and allows them to have direct access to Hitachi specialists, specialized pricing, extended 5-year warranty on projectors, extended 1-year warranty on lamps, advanced replacement on units and buying rewards including one free lamp for every three projectors purchased or one free projectors for every ten purchased.

The new standardization across the Flagstaff campus has allowed NAU to implement a standardized class scheduling program as well.

“We are trying to use our learning environments more efficiently by allowing professors to teach wherever. By standardizing the equipment throughout campus, or professors can teach in any classroom and have the confidence to walk in and use the AV system without worries. It’s opened up a lot new scheduling possibilities for us.”

Looking to the future, Northern Arizona University will standardize each individual community campus similar to the main Flagstaff location.

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