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Hitachi Ships DZ-MV100A DVD-RAM Camcorder

Jan 4, 2001 12:33 PM

-- World's First DVD-RAM Camcorder Hits Retail Shelves January, 2001 --

LAS VEGAS,, January 4, 2001 - Hitachi America, Ltd., Home Electronics Division announced that its revolutionary DVD-RAM camcorder will ship to retailers end of January, 2001.

Retailing for $1999.95, the DZ-MV100A records superior-quality video or 1,998 mega-pixel (one million pixels) still photos onto an eight-centimeter DVD-RAM disc that is rewritable up to 100,000 times with no image degradation. "This is a revolutionary product that opens a completely new door to home video," said Leo Delaney, director of marketing for Hitachi America, Ltd., Home Electronics Division. "Not only will the DZ-MV100A raise the camcorder picture and sound quality bar to a new level, consumers will find editing home video easier than ever."

The DVD-RAM discs used by the camcorder not only far outlast traditional tape media, but they also feature multi-compatibility with DVD-RAM products, such as future DVD-RAM equipped personal computers and future DVD-RAM recorders and home DVD players. With DVD video recorded on the Hitachi DVD-RAM Camcorder, consumers can easily connect the camcorder to a TV to enjoy the recorded video or plug into the USB port of a PC (equipped with Windows 98 or Windows 98 second edition) or drop the disc into a 4.7GB DVD-RAM drive for editing, viewing, printing or even posting recorded memories on a personal home page.

Also included with the camcorder is disc navigation software providing immediate and random access editing to any scene recorded on the disc. There is no rewinding so editing is simplified and can even be done directly from the camcorders LCD screen.