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Hitachi to Strengthen Information Technology Operations in North America


Feb 4, 1999 17:19 PM

Hitachi Data Systems to become Focal Point for North American Corporate Information Solutions Business

Adding substantial strength to its North American information systems business, Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT) today announced it has selected Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, Santa Clara, California, as the focal point for the comprehensive array of information solutions products and services it offers to corporate customers in North America. As part of the new full solutions direction, the operations, products, and channels of Hitachi PC Corporation (USA), Inc. will be phased into Hitachi Data Systems with emphasis on PC servers. Accordingly, over time, the Hitachi PC name will be superceded by the Hitachi Data Systems designation.

In making the announcement, Toshihiko Odaka, board director and group executive, Computer Products Group of Hitachi, Ltd., said, "The fusing of our information technology business in North America reflects the evolving nature of the marketplace and our desire to build greater critical mass in a broad range of information solutions for our customers in North America. Looking to the future, Hitachi regards North America as an absolutely critical IT market, and as such, will focus on achieving a steady expansion of solution business there."

Commenting on the reorganization, Yoshihiro Koshimizu, managing director and chairman of the executive committee of Hitachi Data Systems, said, "The direction announced today is a key milestone in Hitachi Data Systems' transition from a primarily high-end platform supplier, to a full-service, multi-platform corporate solutions provider. Because of the common parentage and existing cooperative marketing programs, this corporate integration not only promises further synergies, but also enhances and extends our reach into both the front office and back office of virtually any customer."

Yasuo Sekijima, president and CEO of Hitachi PC, noted, "Hitachi PC's vision of end-to-end computing began last year with the server launch and a closer marketing relationship with Hitachi Data Systems. This final step fulfills our vision, and allows our customers to leverage the strengths of both companies - the high-end systems and support expertise of Hitachi Data Systems and the products and established channels of Hitachi PC. The resulting company will be better positioned to deliver critical computing systems to the corporate market."