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Hitachi Announces Next-Generation Tablet-Style Handheld PC, Offering Unbeatable Functionality For Mobile Computing Professionals

Feb 22, 1999 00:00 AM

Business Editors
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BRISBANE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 22, 1999--

New Hitachi HPW-600ET Powered by Microsoft Windows(R) CE,
Handheld PC Professional Edition, Version 3.0

Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT) today announced its next generation tablet-style Handheld PC with a full-function touch-screen display, the HPW-600ET Handheld PC, designed for recently-released Microsoft Windows Handheld PC Professional Edition, Version 3.0 with H/PC Pro Edition Software.

Combining the performance and ease-of-use of Hitachi's Handheld PC with the powerful connectivity of Windows CE, the innovative tablet-style HPW-600ET meets the needs of mobile professionals for on-demand access to information, desktop power and portable convenience. Employing progressive new features such as a flat-screen panel that you can write on with a stylus and superior graphics enhancements, this addition to Hitachi's line of Handheld PCs is an essential component to any professional's repertoire of mobile technology devices.

The HPW-600ET Handheld PC is priced starting at $1,199 and will be available in late Q2, 1999 in North America.

Weighing under two pounds, the Hitachi HPW-600ET is the lightest Handheld PC in its class. The HPW-600ET features a super-bright, resistive touch and easy-to-view 640x480 65,536-color back-lit LCD screen display. Additionally, the Hitachi HPW-600ET uses the latest version of the Hitachi SuperH(TM) SH-4 RISC processor operating at 128 MHz. This processor was developed specifically for portable devices such as Handheld PCs and incorporates built-in power management controls at the hardware and software levels. Other key features of the HPW-600ET include a VGA output for PowerPoint presentation display, long battery life (approximately 9 hours), built in 56k modem, and 32MB ROM, 16MB RAM (Max 32MB). Software features include all built-in software supplied by Microsoft as part of the Handheld PC Professional Edition software package.

In making the announcement, Shaw Funami, director, Multimedia Group, Hitachi America, Ltd., said, "The introduction of Hitachi's HPW-600ET marks a major milestone in the evolution of the Handheld PC platform in terms of power and portability. In addition to the superior lightness, graphics capabilities and speed for its class, the enhancements provided in the tablet-style and new software from Microsoft offer a compelling solution for a wide range of applications in a variety of technical fields."

"One of our major strategic initiatives will be focused on value-added resellers who will target vertical markets that the HPW-600ET serves as a specific applications solution. For example, healthcare workers could use the Handheld PC to document and update medical records, and then synchronize the information with their patient databases residing on client servers or mainframes."

Key Features

• Operating system - Microsoft Windows CE Handheld PC Professional

• Edition Version 3.0

• Display - 7.5" color STN screen panel, Touch Panel (Resistive)

• Resolution - VGA (640x480)

• Weight - 29.6 ounces (Lightest Handheld PC in the class)

• Dimensions - 8.7 x 6.3 x 1.2 inches

• CPU - Hitachi SuperH SH-4 Microprocessor operating at

• 128 MHz

• Battery - Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, life of approximately

• 9 hours

• Modem - Built-in 56 kbps V.90

• Memory - 32MB ROM, 16MB RAM (Max 32MB)