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Hitachi Introduces Innovative and Powerful Explosive Trace Detection Device, the 'DS-100E'

Mar 26, 2002 13:24 PM

-- For Use with Checked and Carry-on Airline Baggage, Facility Security, and Border Control --

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 26, 2002 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT) today announced the introduction of a new and highly innovative explosive detection device, DS-100E, applicable to baggage screening at airports. The DS-100E is being rolled out in Washington, DC at the "The Global Security and Disaster Response Summit".

The U.S. Congress has mandated that by December 31, 2002, all checked airline luggage must be screened for explosives. The US Department of Transportation and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are responsible for purchasing and installing the technology necessary to fulfill this legislative requirement.

The Hitachi DS-100E can make an important contribution in meeting this deadline. The DS-100E incorporates Hitachi's unique sensor technology, Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization - Mass Spectrometry (APCI-MS), to detect explosive in checked or carry-on airline luggage. The DS-100E has high sensitivity to detect a range of explosives, is highly selective with a very low error rate, and works at a very high rate of speed.

Features of the DS-100E

• High Sensitivity and High Selectivity

o The DS-100E detects explosives by ionizing vapors in the atmosphere and measuring the weight of the molecules by a Mass Spectrometer.

o By identifying specific molecules that may be from explosives, the false alarm rate is low.

• Rapid Analysis

o The DS-100E quickly detects a variety of major explosives with APCI-MS technology.

o It takes the DS-100E approximately 5 seconds to identify such a compound.

• Analysis without Special Substances or Testing Materials

o The DS-100E does not require special substances, such as pure water or radioactive material, for detection as do most other explosive trace detectors.

o The DS-100E is self-contained for immediate use.

• Light Weight, Transportable and Easy to Set up and Operate

o The DS-100E weighs approximately 320 pounds (140 kgs.) and stands about 30 inches tall.

o The DS-100E is mounted on wheels and can be easily rolled to locations where it is needed.

o The DS-100E is operator friendly and requires no special training for set-up and use.

Applications for the DS-100E: aviation security, facility security, military, law enforcement, police, customs and border control, cargo security. A data sheet is available upon request. For further detail in the U.S., interested parties may contact Eugene Giorgio, 914.524.6696, at Hitachi America, Ltd., Power and Industrial Division.

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*At an exchange rate of 124 yen to the dollar.

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