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Hitachi Introduces New Direct View HDTV Monitors

May 29, 2001 15:37 PM

NEW YORK, NY,, May 29, 2001-Hitachi's 4:3 direct-view televisions offer Hitachi's signature high quality and performance. New for 2001 are the 32 and 36-inch UDX series UltraVision Digital® HDTV Monitors (36UDX10S and 32UDX10S).

The UDX series displays 16:9 1080i HDTV signals with vertical raster compression. The new series offers Hitachi's D3 Digital Display Driver that converts conventional analog signals to the 480 line progressive format for display. Film sources are faithfully converted to the 480p format utilizing 3:2 film correction for a sharp and smooth image that is free of motion artifacts. Additional high performance features included the UDX series are 3D Y/C comb filters, component video inputs and tri-lingual on screen displays. The UDX models include front/rear A/V inputs, s-video inputs and simulated surround sound. The 36 and 32UDX10S retail for $1,799 and $1,499, respectively and will be available September 2001.