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Hitachi Group to Donate $1 Million For Relief Effort

Sep 21, 2001 09:47 AM

BRISBANE, Calif., September 20, 2001 --- In response to inquiries, Hitachi America, Ltd., today released the following statement from its president and CEO Yoshihiro Koshimizu to its employees on the relief effort.

“My Fellow Employees: I wanted to communicate directly concerning Hitachi’s efforts to support the disaster relief effort underway in New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. The following is the text from my letter to Dr. Bernadine Healy, president and CEO of the American Red Cross. ‘It is with a deep sense of community commitment and great concern for our fellow citizens that I pledge on behalf of the Hitachi Group of Companies in North America a contribution of $1 million to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The work that is underway by many organizations and represented by the Red Cross and other volunteer agencies and the thousands of dedicated relief workers is an awe inspiring tribute to the human spirit. Speaking on behalf of our many companies and employees here in North America, we are most proud to take part in this important effort and know that the work of the Red Cross is making a significant difference in helping all those affected by the recent tragic events. Corporate citizenship and community involvement have long been hallmarks of the Hitachi Group of companies. We appreciate the chance to contribute to making lives better for affected families and survivors and you have our heartfelt thanks for your humanity and dedication.’

“At the same time, the Hitachi Foundation in Washington, DC has made a separate donation to the Red Cross in the amount $50,000. In addition to the financial support, I am honored to say that Hitachi technology and equipment is being employed in several aspects of the relief effort. Hitachi is contributing DNA gene sequencing technology, which is being employed by medical officials in New York City to assist in the very difficult task of identification. Similar Hitachi technology is being used by law enforcement officials for criminal investigation and DNA databasing. Hitachi also has donated demolition hammers and heavy duty metal cutting hardware and expedited delivery of additional excavating machinery and accessories that are being used in the recovery operation. Hitachi Group companies stand ready to assist with other requests from agencies and relief officials should other Hitachi technology be required.

“Finally, we are most proud of you our employees for your willingness to participate in this very vital relief effort through blood donations and financial contributions. Thank you for your support and my very best to you and your families during this difficult time.”

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