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Hitachi Introduces Industry's Highest Capacity 1-Inch High 3.5-Inch Hard Disk Drive at 73.9 GB

Oct 26, 2000 08:18 AM

DK32DJ-72 Hard Drive Doubles Existing Storage Capacity Without Compromising the Slim 1-inch High Form Factor

BRISBANE, Calif.,, October 26, 2000 - Leading the market in capacity and performance, Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, (NYSE: HIT), today announced the industry's highest capacity 1-inch high hard drive at 73.9 gigabytes (GB), the DK32DJ-72. This hard drive delivers two times the current storage capacity within a compact footprint, giving manufacturers the leading edge technology to build larger and more robust systems for network storage in less space.

The DK32DJ-72 hard drive will be commercially available in both SCSI and 2 Gb FCAL interfaces for Hitachi's OEM customers in Q1 2001.

The Hitachi DK32DJ-72 hard drive delivers this unprecedented increase in storage capacity within today's standard power consumption level of 11 watts. The DK32DJ-72 hard drive consumes 27 percent less power than today's 1.6-inch high 72 GB drives. Customers are able to easily incorporate the DK32DJ-72 hard drive into existing systems without re-engineering the drive chassis or modifying the power supply.

The DK32DJ-72 is the first Hitachi 3.5-inch drive to integrate technologies such as the super plane glass substrate and the head load/unload mechanism which have been used for several generations in the development of Hitachi's 2.5-inch hard disk drives. These enhancements enable reduced head flying height while improving stability and increasing non-operational shock resistance to 250 Gs. Customers also have the option to increase the drive's buffer to 16 MB - the industry's highest available capacity.

Raising the standard for overall functionality and performance, the DK32DJ-72 hard drive also sets the standard for low acoustics, operating below 4.0 bels. This feature, combined with the efficient power consumption and tremendous storage capacity ensure that this drive exceeds the needs of consumers working in data intensive work environments.

"As an innovator in storage technology, Hitachi is at the forefront of development, providing superior products for its customers," said Hal Malone, director of 3.5-inch HDD sales of Hitachi America, Ltd. "Hitachi continues to leverage its vast technical resources and set the pace for the storage industry with product milestones like the DK32DJ-72."

The DK32DJ-72 hard drive is ideal for applications that require intense data processing and network reliability such as SANs, network attached storage, RAIDs, and other high-end network requirements.