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Hitachi NSA Unveils World’s Shortest 19" Monitor With Revolutionary New Tube At COMDEX ‘99

Nov 15, 1999 11:38 AM

WESTWOOD, Mass.,, November 15, 1999–Hitachi NSA, a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT), today unveiled the new SuperScan 761 - the world’s shortest 19" (18" viewable) monitor. This revolutionary new monitor features a short neck tube enabling this 19" monitor to have the same depth as conventional 15" monitors without sacrificing image quality. Traditional short neck monitors on the market today show degraded images - especially at the corners and edges. Hitachi’s new tube design employs a 100-degree deflection tube, rather than the conventional 90-degree tube. When the beam deflection angle is increased, the gun can be placed closer to the screen and the overall length of the tube can be reduced.

Hitachi’s new short neck products provide vast improvements in image definition by using a completely new CRT gun assembly. The new Narrow Extended Elliptical Aperture, Multi-Dynamic Focus (NEXT-MDF) gun combines a gun that is 5mm narrower in diameter than conventional guns. The elliptical aperture used within the lens assemblies improves focus and white color uniformity by maintaining beam shape — even at the corners. The new NEXT-MDF gun also overcomes the problems caused by variable beam landing lengths and angles by using a 5-lense design gun that provides 10% better focus, consistent brightness and color purity. Furthermore, the 761 utilizes Hitachi's Super High Contrast tube that is about 15% brighter and 10% sharper than other tubes, ensuring a bright, clear image under a variety of working conditions. Perfect for numerous applications ranging from CAD/CAM and graphics applications to business use. This product is perfect for users who require large screen views without sacrificing space or quality.

Based upon Hitachi’s current line of multi award-winning 19" monitors, the new 761 provides comparable performance, with a significantly reduced size and weight. The SuperScan 761 features a reduced depth of only 15.5" and a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 at a flicker-free 75Hz for reduced eyestrain and viewer fatigue. With an auto synchronization range of 31-96 kHz, the 761 has a video clock frequency of 203 MHz. In addition, the 761 is USB optional. Customers requiring USB functionality can purchase Hitachi’s intelligent USB hub, part number DUB-01A with an MSRP of $99.00, that allows users to quickly and accurately control screen adjustments through their keyboard. This USB module is powered directly by the monitor with 1 upstream and 4 downstream ports. Simple for consumers to install, the USB module requires no tools for installation and easily inserts into the back case of the monitor.

Entering the market with an MSRP of $599.00, the SuperScan 761 will be added to Hitachi’s award-winning 19" (18" viewable) monitor family. Hitachi will continue to sell the current 19" line of monitors, the SuperScan 751& 753. Featuring Hitachi’s proprietary PrecisionFocus technology with a multi-step dynamic focus gun, the 761 provides a super-fine dot pitch of 0.22mm horizontal and 0.14mm vertical that form one of the crispest, brightest images available today. Hitachi’s design reduces both the horizontal and vertical dot pitches to one of the lowest in the industry. The result is crisper, clearer, images - even at the corners and edges.

The SuperScan 761 features five language selections and Hitachi’s EasyMenu on-screen controls with adjustments for color temperature, degauss, moiré, trapezoid, convergence control, pincushion and more. This monitor is also user and environmentally friendly with features such as TCO ’95 compliance, energy star, ergonomic design, AG/AS coating for reduced glare, Windows ’98 compatibility as well as Windows ‘95 Plug & Play.