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Hitachi America Ltd., Computer Division

Hitachi America Ltd., Computer Division

Corporate Background

November 1999

As the pace of global business accelerates the corresponding expectation for excellence multiplies. In order to compete successfully in today’s business climate, professionals need to distinguish themselves by presenting information in more creative and media-rich ways. They need to capture data accurately in real-time and have the ability to share this data with others quickly and easily using computer-based technology. With tight deadlines and time constraints, they need to work smarter and make better use of limited time. To achieve superior quality, today’s business needs to work with robust, user-friendly technology that assists them in creating their multimedia content.

Hitachi America, Ltd., provides all the hardware essential for creating leading-edge multimedia content for day-to-day business operations. Whether there is a need to prepare a video presentation, document an event in the field, or record an important meeting, customers in many industries can benefit from a wide array of Hitachi products designed to address their multimedia business needs.

Hitachi’s latest innovation, the M2 multimedia recorder, is a specialized computer peripheral that offers complete multimedia functionality.