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Hitachi America Announces New DVD-ROM Drives Featuring DVD-RAM Media Read Capability

Nov 15, 1999 08:38 AM

-- Fifth Generation Drives From Industry Leader Read Data From All Standard Removable Optical Discs --

BRISBANE, CA,, November 15, 1999 — Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., (NYSE: HIT), today announced that it has begun shipping its GD-5000 DVD-ROM drive to computer OEMs and multimedia PC upgrade kit suppliers. The new drive can read any currently available 120-cm optical disc, including all types of CDs, write-once DVD-R, and rewritable DVD media recorded using a standard DVD-RAM drive.

The GD-5000 is the fifth-generation DVD-ROM drive from Hitachi, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of both read-only and rewritable DVD drives for use in desktop computer and storage library products. It is one of the fastest DVD-ROM drives available today, with data transfer rates up to 11.08 Megabytes (MB) per second for DVD-ROM and 6.0 MB/s (40X Max) for CD-ROM, and enhanced data access times for all types of media.

With full read compatibility for all types of industry standard pre-recorded and recordable media, Hitachi’s latest generation DVD-ROM drive is a powerful tool for individuals and enterprises to share data of all types. Data recorded on legacy CDs and on standard rewritable DVD media formats now can be accessed on a single, affordable drive. The GD-5000 can read pressed discs and recorded data on the following types of media.

• DVD-RAM (rewritable) and DVD-R (recordable) single-sided media complying with DVD Forum published standard specifications. The user simply removes the recorded media from its protective cartridge and loads it into the drive tray.

• Single- and multi-layer DVD-ROM and DVD-Video. To view video content, user systems must have either software or hardware-supported MPEG-2 decoding capability.

• All pre-recorded and writable CDs, including CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, PhotoCD, Audio and Video CD. Any protective cartridge used with the writable CD media must be removed.

With its combination of flexibility and industry-leading performance, Hitachi expects that the GD-5000 will be widely used by OEMs, integrators and resellers serving computer end-users. The drive uses the personal computer industry standard IDE/ATAPI bus interface, supporting burst transfer rates of 33.3 MB/s (Ultra DMA Mode 2) and 16.6 MB/s (PIO Mode 4). In addition to its fast (8X) data transfer rate, the GD-5000 has typical data access rates of 120 ms when reading DVD media, and 90 ms when reading CD media. When reading DVD-RAM media, the data transfer rate is 1.38 MB/s.

Hitachi sells the GD-5000 drive in volume quantities to computer manufacturers and systems integrators for installation in new computer systems, and through distributors for re-sale as upgrade kits through retail channels. These companies establish the suggested resale and actual street prices for systems including the drive.

Hitachi America, Ltd., Computer Division, supplies high-performance computer storage products and multimedia products to OEMs, value-added resellers, system integrators and distributors. The division's products include high-capacity hard disk drives and optical drives, digital multimedia recorders, hand-held computers, LCD projectors, color laser beam printers and flat panel displays.

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