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Enjoy a Worry Free Event for the Big Game with Hitachi’s New High Lumen Laser Projector

CHULA VISTA, California, January 31, 2018 – With the Big Game just around the corner, sports bars around the country are working tirelessly to make sure everything is just right. From deciding on the menu to making sure every screen in the house is up and running, sports bar owners and staff work diligently on every detail. This year, with Hitachi’s new LP-WU6500 5,000 lumen laser projectors, sports bar owners can make sure that every football fan has the best seat in the house.

Every February, fans around the country tune in to watch the Big Game. Whether you watch to root for your favorite team, to enjoy the halftime show, or for the widely anticipated commercials, there is one detail that’s always crucial: making sure you have a great place to watch. In bars and entertainment facilities, TVs run the risk having a glare or a screen too small for a large number of patrons. High lumen laser projectors are great applications for sports bars and entertainment facilities all year round because they eliminate that possibility of a glare on a screen and the application size can be changed based on the needs of the facility. Additionally, the maintenance-free aspect of laser projectors help facilities save money on updates and repairs.

“At Hitachi, we work with our customers to understand what sports bars and entertainment spaces go through to prepare for a big event and identify what the pain points are,” says Mike Morin, Manager, Strategic Sales Development, Hitachi America, Ltd. “It’s important for these facilities to create a great experience for their guests from beginning to end, and something like a glare on a screen or a TV going out is hard to predict. Laser projectors deliver a wide range of benefits, including deeper, richer color without having to compromise on brightness. We want our end-users to be able to use and enjoy the projector without having to worry about it.”

The LP-WU6500 laser projector is equipped with a built-in lens with a lot of flexibility for installation, HD resolution, 4 digital inputs and is suitable for long life usage with an expected 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

For a seamless, worry-free Big Game viewing experience, the new LP-WU6500 5,000 lumen laser projector is a great choice for sports bars and guests alike.