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Hitachi Completes Annual Food Drive, Donates 11,899 pounds of food and $77,559 to Local Causes

Multiple North America offices collect record amounts of food using internal competitions, employee events

October 10, 2016, Tarrytown, NY -- Hitachi Group Companies across the United States and Canada have completed their 17th annual summer food drive this September, with record participation once again recorded among many Hitachi offices, manufacturing & logistics sites and research centers. Hitachi’s food drive is another example of Hitachi’s long-established commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility in the Americas.

Every July, Hitachi Group Companies across the United States and Canada host food drives in their workplaces to benefit local food banks and nonprofit organizations. The annual food drive is purposely held during the summer because this is a time when food banks experience increased demand from needy families, due to the absence of school lunch programs which many families rely on during the academic year.

Hunger and food insecurity continue to be troubling issues across the United States, even in the seemingly affluent areas where our companies are located. The most current data indicates that 49 million Americans experience food insecurity; children account for one-third of this group. Hunger is a social issue that impacts physical and mental health, education and economic productivity. Children and families face an even more uncertain situation during the summer months when school lunch programs are unavailable.

Over 50 Hitachi locations across the U.S. and Canada have consistently participated in the Annual Summer Food Drive over the years. By historical estimates, employees at Hitachi Group companies have collected over 600,000 pounds of food over the past 16 years.

“One of the things Hitachi is most proud of with its drive is the emphasis on collecting high quality, nutritious food,” said Theodore Lowen, Director, Brand & Communications, Hitachi America, Ltd. “Our employees are committed to collecting and donating food that the Food Bank needs for it to better serve its clients, and we want to provide quality food that truly feeds families.”  

At one of the many local charities who are the beneficiaries of the food drive, Ellen Lynch, Executive Director for the Food Bank for Westchester said, “We are so appreciative of Hitachi's Annual Food Drive.  For the 17th year, local Hitachi America, Ltd. employees have provided the Food Bank for Westchester with high quality food just when we need it most. Pantries are traditionally low on inventory in the summer months, so a food donation at this time is particularly important.  Hitachi America, Ltd. employees do a great job of providing the best quality food in excellent condition, they help us load our truck and they often come to our warehouse to help us sort the product as well.”

At Hitachi locations across the country, employees placed shopping carts in the employee entrance lobby area for easy drop off and collection. A variety of activities, including team competitions, free breakfast gatherings, ice cream socials and other events have encouraged significant employee participation.

Employees in satellite offices are invited to join by donating non-perishable food or money to a local food bank or pantry. The total pounds of food or cash amounts donated to various local food banks is recorded each year, showing steady increases over the past 17 years.